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Quality Propellers to suit:

Mercury, Suzuki, OMC, Evinrude,
Honda & Tohatsu & Yamaha

3 Blade Stainless

4 Blade Stainless

3 Blade Aluminium

4 Blade Aluminium

Genuine Duo Prop & Twin Prop replacments

SOLAS Propellers Smooth, Durable, High Precision Overall Performance

All SOLAS propellers are developed by a state of art process. Through a sequence of theoretical calculations, geometry design, prototype testing, pilot production and field tests, SOLAS propellers are designed to meet customers' various requirements. Modern CAD, CAM and CAE technologies are used to ensure that high precision tools are used for products.

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SOLAS Stainless Propellers

SOLAS Stainless Steel Propellers - Feature the industry's highest percentage of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Our material resists rust from salt water and increases the stability of the propeller blades.

SOLAS Stainless Steel propellers are made by investment casting process.

SOLAS focuses its production improvement efforts on efficient use of space, increased yield, first in first out processes and automated equipment (such as robotic dipping arms). We are constantly improving processes and striving even higher. Performance and durability are the characteristics of the SOLAS stainless steel products.


2019 SOLAS Online Catalogue

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SOLAS Aluminium Propellers

SOLAS uses a state of the art squeeze casting process to make our aluminum propellers stronger and tougher than traditional die cast products.

As shown below, with 400x magnification of a propeller blade root cross-section, the squeeze cast propeller is almost non-porous, with finer grain size than the die cast propeller.

SOLAS aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint. Using superior coatings and a high-tech painting process ensures excellent anti-corrosion performance.

SOLAS aluminum propellers are exposed to over 500 hours of testing in a salt water spray tank. This testing simulates more than 6 months of normal salt water use.


Duo Prop & Twin Prop Replacements


Marine Direct stocks aftermarket and genuine Volvo Penta DuoProp replacment propellers and propeller sets.

More informaiton on replacements are found on pages 9 & 44 of the Solas Catalogue.

Volvo Sets are listed as A3, A4 and so on.

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2019 Solas Prop Finder.

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