Bomar Hatches & Bomar Spare Parts

Marine Direct Australia supplies a wide range Bomar hatches and spare parts in Australia including tough Polycarbonate, Aluminium, Stainless & Commercial.  Special factory orders welcome.  Default freight charge is $20.  Freight rates can vary for distance and weight and is fully explained at the checkout.

Categories & Pricing:

Bomar Australia Catalogue... How to measure hatches at bottom of this page.

How to Measure  your Hatch or Portlight for Replacement Parts:

We have been quoting Bomar products for 20 years now.   Bomar parts are extensive and cover many, many models.   Here is what we need to know with any Bomar Hatch Replacement.  You will always be referred to this list.  Please email us using the address on our Contact Page.


- Closed overall measurements of hatch.  (Round hatches give diameter. )
- Are hinges on inside or outside of hatch?
- How many hinges?
- Is there a 9 or 10 digit number ont he inside of the hatch?
- Photograph of outside of hatch closed (low res photo is fine please).
- Photograph of inside of hatch clearly showing any trim ring and stays/locks.


- Is outside of porthole stainless, aluminium or plastic?
- Overall measurement on inside of portlight.
- Photograph of inside of portlight.
- Photograph of any existing flyscreen.

Spare Parts:

- s there a 9 or 10 digfit number on inside of hatch?
- Photograph of outside of hatch closed.
- Overall closed dimensions of hatch closed.
- Photograph of any flyscreen.
- Photograph of any lock or stay mechanism.


- Your Australian Post Code and Suburb.
- International ... Country, State and postcode.  We ship Australia Post and DHL, TNT.