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Australia, Pacific & Asia


Marine Direct is now distributing an advanced range of Marine Air-conditioners in Australia, into Asia and Pacific Islands.

- Compact AC Aircons from 3K to 48K BTU.  

- Split Aircon Systems from 7K to 36K BTU with Evaporators ranging between 7K and 36K.  System designed for multiple outlets.  

- Marine Chiller Systems.

- DC Powered Aircons with Variable Speed Motors. 12, 24 and 48 volt models. 

- All aircons can  be inexpensively shipped to the Pacific Islands and Asia within 10 days.  If your aircon has broken down in the tropics...then this is the service for you.

The aircons are made to our specifications and distributed by Marine Direct Australia.  We sell direct to the public or though our qualified marine dealers.  Prices start from $3600 for complete systems.  See below.

Our New Aircon Logo


Compact System


Split System Condensor & Control Box

DC Compact System

Technology Used:

The factory has over 20 years experience manufacturing marine airconditioning systems.  Quality brand name compressors including Hitachi, Dakin and Mitsubishi are used in these aircon products. Environment friendly R410A refrigerant gas and easy to service parts make these aircons a great choice.  These facory aircons have the relevant safety certificates and markings.  

Australian Stock:

We have a wide range of marine aircons packaged and ready to  go

Aircon Stock Ready to Ship

Special Order for 3 aircons and 8 air handlers.
Going to Sydney customer


Aircon Delivery & Installation
Langkawi, Malaysia April 2023


16K BTU Compact was installed
in the Malaysian yacht.

Sydney Refit of 3 Split Systems
& Multiple Cabin Evaporators/Blowers.


Sydney Refit Cabin  Evaporator/Blower
Installation June 2023


Understanding the Advantages of DC Aircon


The success of lithium battery setups with solar power and high capacity battery chargers reduces the reliance on traditional marine generators.  Many boats with no longer need a generator or have substantially reduced the number of hours they run.  Advantages of lithium batteries include less noise (the silent ship), reduced fuel bills and lower maintenance,  Portable Honda type generators can adequately charge batteries and run appliances.

The advent of variable speed DC compressor motors adds a new dimension for air conditioning in boats.  A DC aircon will connect directly to lithium batteries and there is no need for an inverter or generator.     A 10 KWH lithium battery can power a ROTO 12,000 BTU  DC aircon for about 12 hours or more without any charging.  

A traditional AC aircon compressor turns on and off depending on the thermostat setting.     A ROTO DC variable speed aircon continually adjusts its compressor speed based on the temperature setting.  It is a more efficient air conditioning system.

Other advantages of a DC aircon include no overloading of smaller generators and no tripping shore power circuit breakers on marina power posts.  DC aircons provide an off grid solution for marine aircon.

If you are making the change to lithium and need aircon, the ROTO range of DC air conditioners is worth a look.  12, 24 and 48v systems are available.


Case Study:  Replacement of 25 Year Old Cruisair 7BTU Split System

Customer's 7K split systems compressor had seized.  Spare parts and gas for this old R22 compressor are no longer available.  The decision was made to replace the unit with similar new reverse cycle  split aircon.  Steps included were to discharge old R22 gas for storage/disposal, remove old condensor and evaporator, modify copper piping to suit evaporator and condensor hosetails.  Made use of existing AC wiring and installed new wall control.  Total time taken to remove and replace old condensor and evaporator with new and gas system..... 3.5 hours to testing stage.  Of course wiring runs and installation of wall control into woodwork took longer and can were completed by the boat's owner. New simple to read control allows automatic fan speed and temperature setting.

New 7K BTU Condensor with
Preinstalled Soft Start.
Stainless Condensation Tray.

Easy to Read Wall Control.
Also displays faults. 
Turn off and on to reset aircon.

New 7K BTU Evaportator was
Installed Under Bunk.  Whisper Quiet.

Included in All Models:

All Roto marine aircon systems include vibration free mounts, compressor, control box, wall control, evaporator, 4 way reversing valve, pump and condensation drains.

Included with Every Aircon:

- Control Panel

- Split System:     

- Compact Unit

- Wiring Loom

- Control Box

- AC or DC Pump



Features In All Models:

The Roto marine aircons all have reverse cycle operation, F or C degree displays, Hi/Low Pressure Protection, Overload Protection, Humidity Programme, Timer Programme, Sleep Mode and Delayed Start Setting.

Delivery to Asia & Pacific Islands

Has your marine aircon broken down? 

Air Freight:  We can deliver your new ungassed aircon to major Asian & Pacific Island locations.   Simply arrange for the local contractor to gas the system with R410A refrigerant.  Delivery is as little as 10 days.

12K BTU Compact Aircon bound
for Langkawi Malaysia.
This aircon was delivered by Fedex
within 5 days from order.

24K BTU Compact Shipped
to Bowen, Queensland.
May 2023

Products offered  include:

- AC Split Systems

- AC Compact Systems

- DC Compact Systems 12, 24 and 48 volts.

- Pumps

Spare Parts:

A range of spare parts are kept in Australia.  If anything goes wrong we can quickly send you replacement parts.

Special Orders: 

240 volt, 120 volts and Three Phase are available.  (120 volt systems require international boat registration certificate if being delivered in Australia.).  Systems can be 50Hz, 60Hz or both 50Hz & 60Hz.

Hertz Hz: 

All our Australian systems are 240 volt and both 50 and 60Hz.  Special orders can be either 50Hz  or 60Hz.

Pacific Islands / Asia Freight Costs:

We can airfreight ungassed aircons by Fedex.  Contact us with the exact delivery address details for a quick Fedex air freight quote.  

Greener Gas:

Our aircons use R410A refrigerant.


Recreational Boats: Two year warranty on all parts.  Condensor three years warranty.   
Commercial Boats:  Two year warranty on all parts.  Condensor two years warranty.   

Excludes any third party servicing costs, labour and any heavy freight charges.  Marine Direct Australia does not make service calls.   Any AC electrical work must be completed by a licenced electrician and receipts kept.   No warranty claim will be accepted if AC electrical work is carried out by an unlicensed person.  

Popular Roto Sizes Available & Cost:  Prices AUD$ include GST. 

All of these systems are in stock today


Compact 6K BTU AUD$3790   JUST ARRIVED AND IN STOCK    Baby aircon with only 500 Watts ppower consumption!

Compact 12K BTU   AUD$3995

Compact 18K BTU  AUD$4700

Compact 24K BTU AUD$5300

12 volt 12K BTU AUD$5500

16K BTU Split System with single 16K evaporator/blower   AUD$6105  


Order now for 2023/2024 Summer Period.......

Full Range of Roto Marine Aircons- Mix and Match Split Systems with Evaporators.
Measurements in cms.

Compact Model 3000 6000 8000 10000 12000 16000
     Size   WHD 35x24x19 40x28x24 40x28x24 48x30x29 48x30x29 52x34x32
Compact Model 18000 20000 24000 30000 36000 48000
     Size   WHD 55x40x35 55x40x35 61x46x40 61x46x40 65x46x44 75x46x48
Split Systems

10000 /

16000 20000 24000 36000
     Size   WHD 22x30x25 22x32x28 25x37x34 25x37x33 25x41x33 25x43x33
Split System
7000 10000 12000 16000 20000 24000 /
     Drawings Available
Size   WHD

36: 70x36/33

DC Compact

12 volt



24 volt




48 volt


     Size   WHD









All systems come with a digital control.    A pump is included if necessary.

Freight is always quoted seperately.  International freight from Australia can be arranged.  Systems must be discharged for air travel.

The Deal:

Ready for delivery in Asia, Pacific and Australia.

You can collect from our Sydney warehouse for a $75 warehouse service charge. 


To Order: 

Please use our Contact Us form for your initial enquiry.  We will start our written records from this enquiry.

You call also call us on 02 9909 8555   (If you have Caller ID we will call you back.)

Cruisair & Marinair PCBs, Triggers & Smaller Pumps

Marine Direct supplies replacement PCBs, pumps, triggers and  controls for your Cruisair sysem.  We now offer the industry leading March magnetic drive impeller pumps.

Cruisair Replacement PCBs

Cruisair Replacement Controls, Triacs & Triggers               

To replace your Control or PCB email us:

Photo of the Cruisair ID plate.

Photo of the control

Photo of the broken PCB


Scot Pump Products- USA made Pumps

The Scot range of commercial quality marine pumps are available through Marine Direct Australia.  All pumps are custom made and generaqlly ar delivered to Australia within 2-3 weeks.


Webasto Marine Air Conditioning & Parts




Webasto All in One marine airconditioners.    Spare parts too.

In general All In One units are available in the following sizes:

230 volts and 50/60hz.   Special order 120 volts. 60Hz


We have Australian stock of Webasto products today.

6,000 BTU

10,000 BTU

12,000 BTU

16,000 BTU

20,000 BTU

25,000 BTU

Webasto Ducting, Grilles and Airboxes.



Cruisair Parts


Marine Direct handles parts for Cruisair marine aircons.  WE no longer sell Cruisair marine Aircons.


These include: