Mooring Whips For Boats & JetSkis

Mooring Whip Sets
A set comprises of two mooring whip poles, bases,  and accessories. 

Marine Direct's Mooring Whips for boats & JetSkis provide a simple, cost effective solution to the dilemma of needing to keep your boat tied up safely to the wharf for protection and convenience - and being able to slip her lines in just a few seconds.

Our Mooring Whips are a cinch to secure and release and effective in keeping the boat safely off the wharf.

These Mooring Whips are virtually maintenance free.   They are made of solid interwoven extruded fibreglass and will give years of service.


Standard Fixed Base

Rocker Base

All lengths and weights conversions below are approximate. 

 2.4m or 8ft Standard.  Fixed Base.  For boats up to 2,500lbs or 1250 kilos.
3.7m or 12ft Standard.   Fixed Base. For boats up to 5,000lbs or 2500 kilos.
4.3m or 14ft Standard.  Fixed Base.   Use for boats up to 10,000lbs or 5000 kilos.
4.9m or 16ft Standard.   Fixed Base.    Use for boats up to 20,000lbs or 10,000 kilos.
3.7m or 12ft Heavy Duty Ultimate.    Rocker Base.   For boats up to 5000 lbs or 2500 kilos.
 4.3m or 14ft Heavy Duty Ultimate.     Rocker Base.  For boats up to 10,000lbs or 5,000 kilos.
4.9m or 16ft  Heavy Duty Ultimate.  Rocker Base.   For boats up to 20,000lbs or 10,000 kilos.


Two  Versions of the Mooring Whips Are Available:

- Standard Duty with Fixed Bases

- Heavy Duty Ultimate with Rocker Bases... advantageous as the bases are set for movement, providing more cushioned spring and better performance in stonger offshore winds, and varying tides.

Larger craft can be catered for with special poles or tri or quad installations.

The mooring whips come complete as a set of two poles with all ropes and rope accessories including double braided nylon whip lines, spring lines and stainless steel mounting hardware.

SECURING THE BASE:   The base plates of the mooring whips are designed to work on wood, concrete or plastic material moorings and jetties.  You will need to decide what bolts or screw fasteners to use.  Stainless fasteners are included with the mooring whips, but may not be suitable for your application.   We always recommend stainless steel.  The mooring whip bases are bolted (dynabolt) into a concrete jetty or pontoon.  Stainless bolts are use if the whips are to be attached to a wooden jetty or wooden pontoon.  Dynabolts or bolts are not included.

If the boat is longer than the pontoon, then the poles are angled out at the bow and stern.  As a general rule boats 25' and larger that require the mooring whips to be angled out should order the largest size.  Large mooring whips can also be used on smaller boats.  If you think you are going to purchase a larger boat in the future, then order the larger mooring whips.

Warranty: Three years.


Testimonials: We have been selling Mooring Whips since 1998.
"I have installed the Mooring Whips, they are fantastic! Seem to work really well, experienced some fairly high winds with waves over the last weekend.  For your information have attached some photos. Also for future reference I fixed the mounting brackets with treaded stainless steel rods with nuts and washers, I had the guys in our factory make me up a couple of plates that are mounted under the jetty and serve as a reinforcing piece for the mounting brackets and the jetty planks. I think my neighbour who shares the other side of my jetty (you can see his boat on a mooring in one of the photos) will be ordering a sets of the whips also. I only installed the whips on Saturday and have already created a lot on interest. Even had a Waterways patrol boat dropped buy to have a sticky beak! Thanks again, Best regards, Mike L   

Mike's boat safely secured on his jetty.

"The whips have been installed and seem to work just fine.  They seem very solid indeed and I can't see the boat being able to break them or the whips not being strong enough to hold the boat away from the pontoon.  So all in all it looks pretty good!   Thanks again for your help.   Steven"

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