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Pumps 120 volts and 240 volts




Marine Direct supplies either Cruisair or Webasto All in One marine airconditioners.   We also supply water pumps suitable for either brand.   Spare parts too.

We are also able to supply split systems for larger vessels.

In general All In One units are available in the following sizes:

230 volts and 50/60hz.   Special order 120 volts. 60Hz


We have Australian stock of Webasto products today.

6,000 BTU

10,000 BTU

12,000 BTU

16,000 BTU

20,000 BTU

25,000 BTU

A range of whisper quiet reverse cycle cooling and heating AC air conditioning units by Webasto designed and manufactured for the harsh marine environment.

Ranging from 6,000 to 25,000 BTU/h, each unit offers compact, highly efficient air conditioning for a wide range of vessel applications and sizes. Each balanced system Features an ultra silent compressor that has been securely mounted onto a heavy duty stainless steel chassis for rigidity with extra deep condensation tray resulting in greatly reduced unwanted noise and vibration that can transfer into cabins.

All critical components are finished in baked enamel for extended product life while the multi-port inlet evaporator has been anodised for superior corrosion protection.

For effective vessel cooling or heating the high velocity 360° rotatable heavy duty blower is designed to feed air to multiple vents. Each air conditioning unit is supplied complete with ducting collar, remotely mounted power control connection box, air filter and digital wall mount control. Available as unit only or complete kit, which includes applicable water pump and priming valve, through hull fitting and valve, supply and return air grilles, transfer box, hose ring and three metres of flexible air ducting. For installation or re-fits a range of supply and return grilles, transition boxes and insulated ducting is available.

• Compact and designed exclusively for marine use
• Reverse cycle cooling and heating
• Ultra quiet compressors mounted to minimise vibration and noise
• Stainless steel chassis with deep condensation tray
• Critical components finished in baked enamel for extended life
• Multi-inlet port evaporators anodised for corrosion protection
• Uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
• Replaceable air filter
• High velocity three speed 360° rotatable blower
• Digital wall mount supplied as standard
• Range of Accessories available including grilles and ducting, refer to page 33
• 12 months swap out warranty

Webasto Ducting, Grilles and Airboxes.



Whether you are sailing for a day or a year, your boat needs to have a dependable air conditioner in order to keep you cool and comfortable. On the open sea, ambient temperatures can be stifling. When combined with the humidity, your body may not be able to cool itself. That is where our high-quality marine air conditioners come into the picture. Our world leading brand includes a variety of models well-suited to keeping you comfortable on your yacht.

How to Find the Best Marine Air Conditioner

There are several important factors you will need to consider when choosing a marine AC unit. The air conditioner's capacity, energy consumption, noise level and features may play a role in your decision. Not all air conditioners are compatible with all sizes and types of boats. These tips will help you make the right decision when shopping for a Dometic marine air conditioner.

Capacity Is Important for Marine AC

Different air conditioners have different cooling capacities. You need to match the size of the indoor space you want cooled with the air conditioner's capacity. Our air conditioners deliver 4,000 to 72,000 BTU of cooling power per hour and are 27 percent more energy efficient than similarly sized models from other companies.

Innovative Features in Our Marine AC Units

We use state-of-the-art engineering in our marine air conditioners. From the environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-410A to our innovative solutions that reduce vibration in the living spaces, you can count on our air conditioners to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, work efficiently and take up a minimal amount of space. Some features include rust-free drain pans, hermetically sealed units and vibration isolation mounts.

Cruisair marine AC systems are sold in more than 100 markets. Many world-renowned yacht and sailing manufacturers choose our products for interior climate control. Our products require minimal maintenance and are engineered to last in the harsh marine environment. The housing and components resist corrosion from saltwater and withstand temperatures of up to 60

Cruisair has been a leader in the the marine air conditioning industry since 1960, manufactoring high quality HVAC systems for pleasure boats, workboats, and commercial/military vessels. Designed to ensure comfort onboard all year round,  you can rest easy knowing that your system is built to withstand the harshest of marine conditions.

All systems are individually quoted.  Please send us an email with your requirements. 


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