Replacement Woodys Water Heater Spare Parts:

Woody's Water Heaters-  Elements, Valves & Thermostats-

 Marine Direct manufactures replacement elements and supplies thermostats for your Woody's heater.

Together, these parts can add 10 years to the life of your Woodys water heater.


Woodys Replacement Parts:

Thermostat Bracket, Thermostat, Pressure Valve, 240 volt 1000watt and 110 volt (American Element special order).  Gaskets included with Elements.  Note: this is the newer version of the elements and will fit ALL Woodys water heaters made since 1990..  

Note: Woody's Water Heaters went out of business in June 2011.  This is a two page extract from an original Woodys document.  No other spare parts are available, except what we offer below.

Click here for Original Woodys Installation Instructions including notes on System Bleeding.

Sales Note: If you order the element, thermostat, earth wiring and pressure valve, then you will have the best chance to extend the service life of your water heater for another 10 years.

Technical Note: If the element has burnt out and/or the water heater is older than 10 years, then you should also replace the thermostat.  Our 1000 watt elements are a direct replacement for your old element, however they are of a more modern design implemented by Woody's in about 2002.

The original old 1800 watt element supplied with heaters was the cause of many failures.  We now only manufacturer a maximum  1000 watt element.  The 1000 watt element is safer for shore based connections in that it does not take as much current from your 15 AMP shore power line meaning less risk of extension cord overload and tripping the circuit breaker.  The 1000 watt element presents less load for smaller generators.



It is also recommended that you take time to carefully check all wiring connections AND ensure that the earth wires are still attached to the body of the water heater and in good condition. (Many customers report the original Woodys 240 volt earth wires have water damage or the earthing connectors have simply fallen off!  This is very dangerous, but easily fixed.  Use quality tinned wire.)

How to get extra life out of your Woody's Water Heater:  Our experience is that internal marine water heater tanks fail (ie. leak) because of fresh water electrolysis and pressure valve failure.

- To prevent electrolysis occurring, run a tinned wire between the body of the motor (engine) and the water heater.  Ensure that your water heater is properly 240 volt earthed and if in doubt always have a qualified electrician do this for you.  (We make no claim to be electricians.  Use a licensed electrician!)

- The second cause of failure is that the pressure valve is not tested every six months.  If the pressure valve fails to operate, then you will blow the sealed water canister and your Woodys heater cannot be repaired.  If the water heater is over 10 years, then replace the pressure valve when replacing the element and thermostat.

The Woodys Pressure valve is a special two stage design.  No other pressure valve will work.

To test the pressure valve, exercise the small lever on the valve a few times water will flow from the valve.  If you notice that water continually flows out the valve when its closed or even drips  or is stuck or difficult to move, then its time to replace it. 

System Bleeding:  Many Woodys owners complain that they get 10 seconds of hot water and then only cold.  This is because the system has not been bled properly.  The best way to bleed a Woodys heater is to use a garden hose.

Not being able to bleed a Woodys water heater using the boat's water pump indicates a faulty pressure valve which is not opening  properly to allow air to be expelled.  Replace the Valve.    Or, the fresh water pump on your boat is so old and tired that it is not capable of producing any pressure to bleed the tank.  The only option is to replace the fresh water pump.

Consider this: If you replace the thermostat, element, valve, thermostat bracket earthing wire and run a new earthing wire from the body of the heater to the engine, you will most likely get another 10 years out of your Woody's heater.

Warranty: A one year warranty is offered for these elements IF you have purchased and installed a new thermostat from us at the same time.  (Like everything else, elements have a natural life span. A faulty element can damage a thermostat.  Likewise a water heater run dry can damage both the element and thermostat.    A damaged thermostat will quickly destroy a brand new element.  A faulty pressure valve will blow the internal tank.  It is a vicious circle!)

 If an element appears to be faulty and is within the warranty period, we will first ask you to photograph the element and check for an open circuit with a multimeter.  The photograph you send us may indicate if the element has been damaged by operating the water heater without water in it.  From 23 years experience selling Woodys parts this is the only cause of an element to fail in the first year of operation.  Most of these failures are caused by improper bleeding or connecting to shore power without having filled the water tank.  ie. Circuit breaker is left on and tap left open.

We will ask you to send the element to the manufacturer who will fairly assess why the element is damaged.  We will also send you a new element in the meantime.  However if the element has been damaged by running dry, you agree to purchase and pay for a new element and freight.

Australian Deliveries: Australian express airbag  freight is $20 per order.
International: We will ship to any location outside of Australia by registered  airmail for $80 for up to two elements including a thermostat.

110 volt Elements: *110 volt elements are available but are far more expensive to manufacture and there is less demand.  There may be a one month lead time from ordering.


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