A suitable alternative to the discontinued Woody's Line.

Mount horizontal or Vertical (against a bulkhead)

All Stainless Steel Body & Tank.

Australian Certified & Approved.

Marine Direct now offers an innovative series of AISI 316 stainless steel water heaters to replace the Woodys Water Heater Range, with storage capacity of 22 up to 80 litres (5.3 to 19.3 gallons.)

Dual heating as standard - electrical heating and indirect heating based on an second heat source, for example the cooling system from the Marine engine or generator set.

Storage sizes of these 316 stainless steel water heaters, with a storage capacity of 22 up to 80 litres (5.3 to 19.3 gal.).

The heaters are cased in AISI 304 stainless steel and is provided with a sturdy compact plastic end cover which also includes the mounting brackets.  Vertical (against bulkhead)  or horizontal mounting.  Electrical heating elements are only available in Incoloy at   1200  Watts allowing hot water production when engine heat is not available but when 220 volts AC is.

Mount horizontal or vertical (on a bulkhead).

Delivered with an adjustable safety thermostat for temperature adjustment while on electrical heating.

Litres Diameter mm Length/Height mm
22 325 485
30 325 620
45 325 880
60 325 1065

The default freight charge is $50 for shopping cart orders.   This covers many local delieries.  Freight rates east coast can range $50 to $80.  You will be advised prior to shipping.

Freight is about $60 for a medium sized water heater ex Sydney going to Melbourne or  Brisbane.  We will advise you of the total freight cost after we receive your order.  Any additional freight will be billed in arrears. 


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