Fresh- grey- black water or diesel: this tank can handle it. Made out of high-grade polyethylene this large capacity tank handles almost any liquid you would like to store on your boat. It features an inspection lid and is ILT-ready. For easy opening a flange is present in the ring cap. On the bottom isa 38 mm connection that can be drilled out to connect to a second tank. The robust appearance and the all-new design make this the tank to have.

  • All-purpose 100 liter tank suitable for diesel- waste- or potable water
  • Made out of high-grade polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 1010 mm x 390 mm x 315 mm
  • Overall thickness 8 mm
  • Large inspection hole to meet ISO21487 requirements
  • 38 mm connection for interconnection purpose or draining
  • ILT-ready
  • Flange in ring cap for easy opening
  • All-purpose tank, incl. inspection port, 100 litre


    SKU APT100