Aluminium anodes are recommended for vessels which mostly cruise on inland (fresh) waters. For vessels which mostly cruise on inland (fresh) waters we recommend aluminium anodes since aluminium has a greater difference of potential with other metals than zinc. This is very important as fresh water provides a higher electrical resistancethan salt water.
Cathodic protection by means of anodes is a ”must” for the protection of all metal parts under water. Therefore not only for steel boats but also for wooden fibreglass and aluminium hulls anodes are required. VETUS aluminium anodes consist of analuminium-indium-zinc alloy Mil - A - 24779 (SH). All VETUS anodes are streamlined and mounted either with specially made studs which can be welded to a steel hull or special through-hull bolts for fibreglass and wooden boats. We supply these studsand bolts separately.
When ordering please always specify the material of the hull. All metal parts must have a direct contact with the anode. Therefore the bolts supplied for e.g. fibreglass hulls must have a wire-connection so that contact can be made with the metalparts. On fibreglass and wooden boats only the metal parts must be protected.
The anodes are supplied excluding connection kit. For anodes type 25S you need two connection kits. All VETUS anodes have a protective layer of paint at the mounting side to prevent damage to the paint work of your boat.
Hull anode type 25S, aluminium (excl. connection kit)