Satin sheen anodized aluminum frame. “Dark smoke” coloured acrylic. Lid can be held open at any angle up to 90°. Best midrange hatch in the business!

This type is made of a sturdy aluminum profile (height 21 mm) with a satin sheen anodized frame and is suitable for design category A and appliance location area II. The acrylic has a thickness of 10 mm and is ‘dark smoke’ coloured. These hatches comwith adjusters which are stylish and easy to operate allowing the lid to held open at almost any angle up to 90°. Type ALTUS can be fitted on deck and opened from the inside or outside. It has a ventilation position and can be locked completelywatertight. The first image is one version of our ALTUS hatches. The hatches differ in shape and in the number of hinges adjusters and handles. This information can be found in the additional information.
Altus deck hatch type 4633 (cut out size 457 x 327 mm)