U-Line Icemaker Spare Parts & Troubleshooting

We stock all common Uline Icemaker spare parts and can ship to you quickly within Australia and overseas.  Click here to send us a message.

The most common parts to replace are the face plate, water solenoid, door seal or complete icemaker assembly. 

Faceplates, Complete Icemaker Assemblies and Solenoids are all common to the following Australian U-Line models:


However there  are 220AC and 110AC (American) volt versions.  Contact Us if you have an American 110AC volt machine.  

Or, Contact Us if your boat was made outside Australia and is NOT one of the above listed icemakers.  We will need the icemaker model and serial number.  (The ice making assembly does not work in some different U-Line models that come into Australia already fitted to boats. (It will not work in automatic defrost or frost free units.)

Troubleshooting Guide PDF A troubleshooting guide can be found at this link.  It will help you identify the fault with your icemaker. 

In general the Complete Icemaker Assembly will provide you with an as new icemaker and will resolve all icemaking issues.  The solenoid valve needs only to be replaced IF water is not flowing to the icemaking assembly.

If your icemaker appears to be working properly but ice is melting, check the integrity of the door seal.

Ice Buckets: If you need a new ice bucket, please email us a photo (small size) of the original as there can be three variations or styles.


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