Blocker- Earth Leakage Electrolysis Protection

Marina Damage Diagram


There are numerous ways stray electrical currents are produced. Some of the more common ones are; faulty bilge pumps, faulty electrical appliances, carbon bridges in starter motor solenoid, salt bridges in extension cords, metal heat transfer from alternator and generator frames being earthed.

Why do boats connected to shore power suffer this?????  Because salt water acts as an electrolyte and moves current from your boat to earth (or ground).  At the same time it takes minute particles of the meat with it and deposits them on the sea floor!   This is called stray current electrolysis and it can be prevented using a Blocker.



Above: If your boat exhibits these problems, there is an earth leakage problem.

All these earth leakages will show a more positive reading on electrolysis monitoring systems indicating that more noble metals are being lost into the water. This is because earth leakage will take the path of least resistance to ground and/or water taking a route through the more noble submerged metals such as propellers, rudder posts and propellers.

The Solution:

The electrolysis blocker is designed to address the corrosion problem that occurs when dissimilar vessel hulls and/or structured materials are electrically connected to a common ground.

This blocker will lower the mass metal transfer rate (corrosion) of dissimilar metals electrically connected by 240 VAC.

When vessels are isolated from different electrical potentials with the electrical potential (emf) being allowed to equalise. This results in a substantial decrease in the metal ion transfer rate that causes corrosion.

MANUFACTURE: The electrolysis blockers are Western Australian made. The relevant Australian approval code for manufacture is UL file number E130180.

SIZE: Size 15cm x 10cm x 10cm (or 6" x 4" x 4").  Weighs 500g (or 1 pound) approximately.

Tested to ISO and AS/NZS standards
5,000 amps fault current tested
67 amp duty
Greater heat dispersion properties
Fail safe
Small and easily installed

INSTALLATION: The blocker is easy to install in the earth wire of the boat's onboard wiring. Ideally it should be located as close as practical to the power inlet plug.

RECOMMENDED: Western Australia's marine transport safety surveyors support the installation of electrolysis blockers and most high quality Australian boat builders are installing them. American Yacht and Boating Council's Standards recommend a galvanic isolator be installed on every vessel with shore power applications installed.





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