Stainless Steel Marine Manifolds & Risers


All stainless steel manifolds have an anode built in to prevent electrolysis. We recommend replacing these every 6 months


Stainless steel manifolds weigh 7kg*each compared to cast iron that can weigh up to 50kg each


With the weight reduction, one piece construction and patent design, these manifolds are a performance part for your inboard


When you reduce weight in a boat this increase fuel efficiency. Stainless Steel Manifolds can reduce weight by 150 kg


This eliminates gasket failure that leads to rusting of the manifold, riser and worst case engine failure from salt water getting into the engine.




Premium grade marine stainless steel allows us to offer the longest warranty available for manifolds in the marine industry

Established for over 25 years specializing in stainless steel manifolds for petrol and diesel marine engines.  Manufacturer's warranty is  10 years. 

Stainless Steel Marine Manifolds Available for:

5.7L Small Block Chev Mercruiser
(228)5.7L Small Block Mercruiser
5.7L Small Block Chev Mercruiser
(888) 5.8L Small Block Ford Merc
4.3L V6 Mercruiser
7.4L Big Block Chev Mercruiser
LX V6 1 Piece Mercruiser
7.4L Big Block Chev Merc (End/Centre Riser)
3" Outlet V6 Mercruiser
5L 6.2 Small Block Mercruiser
90mm Higher Small Block Merc
496 Big Block Mercruiser
5.7L Small Block Chev OMC
2.3 OMC 4 Cylinder (Single manifold)
5.7L Small Block Chev OMC
4.3L V6 OMC
King Cobra 460 Ford OMC
5.8 Ford OMC (Late Model)
5.3L 318 Chrysler Early Shaft Drive
5.3L 318 Chrysler Stern Drive
440 7.3L Big Block Chrysler
AQ 171 Volvo 4 Cylinder
V6 Volvo (early) INDMAR (HT5 Pipes)
5.7L Volvo V8 OMC (Late)
V6 Volvo (Late Model)
5.8L Ford VOLVO (Late Model)
5.7L Volvo (Early) INDMAR Small Block
7.4-8.1L Big Block Volvo
7.4L 3 Piece Volvo
6.2-6.5L Diesel Chev V8
454 Big Block Extremes (3.5" Exhaust outlet)
3.4L V6 (TIMS USA)
5.7L (350) Small Block Ford Indmar
302/351 Small Block Ford Indmar
7.4L Big Block Indmar
308 Indmar
Small Block Chev Indmar (3.5" outlet)
GEN III LSI 5.7 Small Block Chev
351 Ford PCM (short outlet)
7.4 Big Block PCM CHEV
351 Ford PCM Long End (3" outlet Indmar with turned up end)
V6 Commodore VN
5.3L  318 Chrysler (LATE)
V6 Buick/Commodore (Standard Height)
V6 Buick/Commodore (6" Higher)
4.0L Lexus V8
AQ 140/120 Volvo
455 Oldsmobile
Yamaha V6 (HT5 Pipes)
5.7 Yamaha V8 (on HT40 Jig)
Ford Cleveland Indmar Style
Ford OMC End Riser (Early Model)
Short Chev PCM Small Block
427 FORD
6 cyclinder BMW
4 cyclinder BMW
Small Block Indmar
Duramax Diesels
Small Block Indmar


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