We offer a choice of either black or white poles in a range of lengths

  • 4.5 metres
  • 5.5 metres
  • 6.1 metres
  • 6.5 metres

They are sold as a pair (2 units)

Marine Direct's outrigger poles are strong, maintenance free and made from fibreglass.

The Reelax 6.5 Meter Pole is 2 piece ferruled poles. This process is where a ground section at the base of the tip fits into the butt section making for a solid locking and separating blank and suits tube diameters of 47mm I.D (inside diameter). Poles are coated in flexible 2 part Marine Hardened Enamel for years of UV protection and available in black or white. The Reelax 6.5 Meter Pole is a heavy tackle trolling pole for line classes up to and including 60 kg or 130 lb. Best fitted to Reelax Mini 1000 (part no. 6.5) or Reelax Maxi 2000 (part no. 6.6).

FREIGHT These poles are considered  an oversized item for transport as they require a flatbed truck for all pickups and deliveries.  There is a default freight charge of $80 PLUS the cost of freight.  Examples of total charges are Sydney $130, Adelaide $170.





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