Reelax Maxi 2000

Reelax Maxi 2000 bases are a heavy tackle (up to and including 60kg – 130lb) trolling outrigger base. Best suited to fly bridge cruisers. The scissor arm design of the Reelax Maxi 2000 base spreads the mounting area load and allows for pole lengths up to and including 6.5 meters (part no. 7.5e).

The Reelax Maxi 2000 is secured in a traveling position via a separate hold up arm and locking claw. The locking claw is also secured with a 5/16 diameter - 316 stainless ball locking pin which comes with a safety halyard.

To deploy the Reelax Maxi 2000 simply remove 5/16 diameter  - 316 stainless ball locking pin, elevate the locking claw and hold up arm and lay the outrigger to it’s trolling position via the rigger retraction ropes (supplied & fitted).

All castings and tube (50.8mm x 1.6mm x 2000mm) is mirror polished 316 stainless. Fasteners are 316 stainless.  Nylon Packing feet (10mm) are available on request.  Main stay of riggers can be pinned so rigger can be deployed flat for bridge clearance. Custom sizes are available on request.

Fitting instructions supplied.



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