The essential guide to living on a boat on canals and rivers, focusing on the practical issues of how to manage every aspect of day to day living. Description The romantic dream of downsizing, giving up the ratrace, and living life at 4mph on the inland waterways is proving more and more attractive. But for tens of thousands of people it is not just a romantic dream but a lifestyle. Tony Jones is one of those people. He has lived aboard his 50ft narrowboat for over 5 years and in this very practical book he documents what the liveaboard lifestyle is really like, focusing on the practical issues of day to day living for those who want to know what living on a boat actually entails, to see whether they could do it. Topics covered include: the pros, cons and costs of a residential mooring power usage and energy consumption (and how it differs from a house) how to stay warm - the choice of coal, electric, gas or wood heating boat loos - the pros and cons, and troubleshooting typical problems entertainment - TV, radio, internet, DVDs logistical problems - no postal address, GP access, vehicle admin The aim of this book is to feed people's dreams by showing that every possible problem that could arise when living on a boat has a tried and tested solution. The dream is perfectly possible, and this book is the complete practical guide to achieving it. PB 160 pages


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