Lithium Marine Starting Battery  1200 CCA 60AH Battery.

A perfect way to enter the new technology lithium battery marketplace.

These lithium batteries  are installed in our Marine Direct test boat.  A perfewct way to step into new lithium battery technology.

Negative terminal can be either Front Left or Front Right side.  Choose when ordering.


This new technology lithium starter battery offers 1200 CCA amps and is the equivalent to a 120 amp hour starting battery.  Its lightweight and will cycle thousands of times under the right conditions.  It will never get destroyed by going flat and cannot overcharge itself.  Simply keep the terminals clean for long life operation.  Splashproof, but not waterproof.

Do not combine with house bank battery or with lead acid batteries.

High Ouput to start your motor. 
More available charge to start yourmotor.  
Lighter weight. 
Same amp hours as 100 amp hour battery.
Suited to marine starter applications.
Stainless M8 terminals.

Choose Front Left or Front Right negative terminal location.  Choose when ordering.

A perfect way to combine the benefits of lithium battery technology into your boat.  This battery will start your motor and run your accdessories. 

This lithium battery's internal battery management system (computer) will never allow overcharging and offer full currnet to start yoour motor time and time again.

Fast charging from your alternator or outboard stator.

Note:  Suited to normal alternators and stators.  Preferable to use a charger with a lithium setting.  Do not use a charger with desulphation setting.

Please select using the drop down menu to select which side you want the negative terminal on the battery. Left or right side.



Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Max discharge current or Cranking Amps : 1500CA ( 5sec )
Cold Cranking amps 1300CCA ( At -20C )
Standard discharge current: less than 200A
Charging Voltage: 14.7v or less
Discharge cut off Voltage: 8v
Standard charge current: less than 30A
Usable capacity 60Ah
Case material ABS
IP Rating is IP64
Life cycles 1500
Auto post terminals
Weight: 8kg 
Dimensions: L*W*H 280*176*190mm ( Height including terminals )
Optimal working temp range: -20°c to + 80°c

Package Contents:

1x 1420AH 12V Lithium Cranking Battery
Pre-installed Redback Lithium Operating System™️ (patent pending)

Ships by road freight Australia wide with most deliveries in 3-5 days. $20 standard road freight, but exludes remote areas.  If you live in a remote area, please eorder and we will advise of total freight charges later.  You can always cancel the order and receive an immediate refund.


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