The new SeaStar Power Assist converts manual hydraulic systems into light, responsive power steering with the addition of an integral pilot pump for autopilot use. The new Power Assist with autopilot provides a fixed flow, with low or no vibration pump with low power consumption.

Suitable for most boat types and a wide variety of installation applications, the compact unit can be installed on new SeaStar installations or as an easy retro-fit. The electronically controlled hydraulic pump is powered from the boat's battery system (12v or 24v versions available) and is installed into the hydraulic circuit in between the helm pump and the cylinder.

The Power Assist unit immediately starts pumping fluid in the required direction when the steering wheel is turned. When the wheel is not in use the Power Assist motor goes into “standby” mode to preserve battery power. Should power to the Power Assist unit fail, an in built safety measure ensures that the steering system automatically returns to manual operation without any changes to the number of turns lock–to-lock.

The system can also be used on boats with multiple steering stations. Ideally suited to the following applications:

• 200hp+ single outboards
• Non counter rotating twin outboards
• Other Twin and Triple outboard applications
• Heavy 4 stroke outboards
• Inboards where rudder torque v manual cylinder size is marginal
• Work boats (high duty cycles, etc).

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SKU G295072