SeaStar hydraulic power steering uses the ship' s engine(s) to provide the 'power' for the steering system, via an engine or electric motor driven hydraulic pump.

A manual hydraulic steering system, comprising of a standard SeaStar helm and a hydraulic steering cylinder (fitted with an integral servo cylinder and power steering valve), supplies the 'control' portion of the steering system. Under normal conditions, with engines running, the hydraulic oil supply is in stand-by mode, ready to be directed to the steering cylinder as dictated by the steering wheel, servo cylinder and power steering valve. Turning the steering wheel port or starboard makes the system go from stand-by into operating mode and move the steering cylinder accordingly.

In the event of a power source failure, hydraulic oil from the steering helm is automatically diverted directly into the servo and steering cylinder, providing the helmsman with manual hydraulic back-up steering.

Volume and torque specifications for secondary cylinders are the combined volume and torque of both a primary and secondary cylinder.

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