No FeedBack Steering for Outboards

Steering loads exist in all outboard powered boats. These steering loads are actually turning energy from your engine’s propeller. NFB steering locks out the prop feedback load which causes hard to handle steering. With NFB the wheel doesn’t turn until you turn it.

Built with an emphasis on safety and durability. The 4.2 turn No-Feedback mechanism eliminates engine torque feedback at the wheel, for the safest mechanical steering on the market. Rated for all outboards to V6. Boats travelling over 40 knots, or when engine flutter is apparent, should use twin cables.

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Steering wheels ordered separately

• Patented No-FeedBack mechanism
• Utilises Quick Connect steering cable
• Cable will fit through minimal channel of 23mm
• Standard 3/4” tapered steering wheel shaft
• Meets ABYC, NMMA and BIA requirements
• Stainless steel cable output end minimises corrosion

Kit Inclusions:
• 1 x 280232 single cable helm
• 1 x 280150 90O bezel
• 1 x 2811XX *cable

N.B. * Last two digits denote cable length in feet

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SKU G280209