Who knows more about the performance impact of design changes in real time than the sailor and sail trimmer in an ocean race? Performance can be most influential on design decision-making when the performance response to design change is experienced in real time. In architecture and design dynamic feedback is the computational and analogue design challenge of the hour – how to experience within dynamic digital and physical design models as those changes are actually happening. So, in this book, the challenge is first explored by looking beyond the design of the static built infrastructure of the city to the ultimate in reflexive action and high performance design: sailboat racing. Successful design decision-making relies on design team interaction between individuals of very diverse expertise and points of departure: generalists and specialists. Designing the Dynamic brings together leading researchers from architecture, boat design, industrial design, mathematics, aerospace, structural engineering, and computer science to explore the design and representation of dynamic systems. The authors expose diverse aspects of the subject ranging from the empirical science and sociology to the deep poetry of designing with dynamic phenomena. This is a cutting edge design book that will be of real interest to those involved in the dynamics of practical, super efficient design methods as well as those with an interest in sailing and maximizing the efficiency of sails in racing conditions. PB 160p


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