Find the safest sailboats for the type of offshore cruising you want to do Bluewater Cruisers is a groundbreaking book that conveniently evaluates and lists ocean-capable cruisers. Based on the author's own research trying to buy a seaworthy cruising sailboat, this one-of-a-kind guide uses eleven screening criteria to identify the 398 most seaworthy, offshore-capable fiberglass sailboats of North American design. Insightful explanations of each vessel focus on seven basic statistics and ten derived statistics, including displacement to waterline length, a capsize screening formula, and the author's own Seaworthiness Index, which combines the measures of any given vessel's capsize resistance and motion comfort into one single, convenient number. Additionally, he lists the strengths and weaknesses of individual boat designs reported by owners, where these have been available, which allows you to handpick the sailboat best suited for your needs. PB 416 pages


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