NMEA0183 Buffer w/6 ISO-Drive Outputs

Safely drive up to six NMEA Listeners, with power distribution for the connected Talker...

The Actisense NBF-3 NMEA Buffer isolates and buffers NMEA 0183 data, with the power to drive multiple devices.

The NBF-3 can distribute up to six identical, amplified streams of data from one source. The NMEA signals are buffered to ensure that each Listener receives the data at the required voltage levels, providing consistent data quality.

The isolation on the input and each of the outputs ensures the protection of the source Talker device and all the Listening devices. The safe connections mean that a non-isolated device could be connected and the NBF-3 would prevent it from causing any damage to the other equipment in the system. Ground loops often occur when devices are not isolated and can cause irreparable damage. Actisense ISO-Drive technology on the outputs along with the galvanic opto-isolation on the input means you can connect the NBF-3 with complete peace of mind.

The NBF-3 has the addition of power distribution for the NMEA Talker. By having power and data from the same source, cabling requirements are reduced and installation is simple.

  • Galvanic opto-isolation on the NMEA 0183 input
  • ISO-Drive™ NMEA 0183 outputs provide galvanic isolation to prevent ground loops
  • Compatible with all NMEA 0183 versions without requiring configuration
  • NMEA 0183 outputs compatible with RS422, RS232 and RS485 type Listeners
  • NMEA 0183 input compatible with RS422 and RS232 type Talkers
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • Pluggable screw terminals for quick and easy installation and diagnostics
  • Power and input indicator LEDs
  • Works automatically up to 115200 Baud
  • Amplification of weak input signals
  • Power feed for single cable installation to the NMEA Talker

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