A Master's Guide to Hatch Cover Maintenance A complete guide to hatch cover maintenance. Contents: Hatch covers and their function; Basic advice; Common false beliefs; Leakage problems; Leak detection tests; Monitoring and inspection; Maintenance and repair; Heavy weather precautions; Safety when working with hatch covers; Procedures to open and close; and Condition assessment forms. Contents Pages Introduction 02 1. Hatch Covers and their Function 03 2. Basic Advice 04 3. Common False Beliefs about Hatch Covers 06 4. Leakage Problems 09 5. Leak Detection Tests 13 6. Monitoring and Inspection 14 7. Maintenance and Repair 16 8. Heavy Weather Precautions 21 9. Safety when Working with Hatch Cover 22 Appendix 1 23 Procedures to Open and Close Hatch Covers Appendix 2 24 Hatch Cover Condition Assessment Forms


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