Reelax 80lb Narrow Game Fishing Chair

The Reelax Narrow Fighting Chair is  a 80lb – 37kg rated heavy tackle fighting chair.

2 x straight holders are fitted to the mirror gloss laminated GRP seat shell.

Mirror polished laser cut stainless brackets secure the multi adjustable and positive locking footrest frame. A glass and timber laminate schedule to produce the mirror gloss seat shell provides the holding and securing foundation of 80lb drag settings.

The laminated GRP mirror gloss back rest reclines up from a steering position to a seated back supporting position. Cut outs in the back rest give hand holds for the crew person steering the chair.

Glass laminated footrest section is mirror glossed front and back with non skid pattern where angler positions feet. Foot rest angles are critical to an anglers performance and longevity in a fight. The angler needs to keep line as tight allowing hooks to stay.

With height adjustment in the gimble cup to position the reel and height adjustment in the angle of the foot rest and extension of the footrest, an angler can be measured and custom adjusted to the Reelax Narrow Fighting Chair and Reelax Harness (part no. 8.7).


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