The SeaStar Power Assist steering unit has been designed specifically for use with manual hydraulic steering systems that have heavy or high torque loads. It uses an electronically controlled hydraulic pump that fits in-line near the hydraulic cylinder and boosts the fluid being sent from the helm pump to the steering cylinder. This results in less effort required at the wheel, particularly when under loads. Significantly less complicated/costly than installing mechanical engine driven power steering, the power assist unit is ideal for a wide variety of high torque applications including all outboard engine applications (particularly large four stroke engines with large prop diameters), stern drive installations and some inboard applications.

• Dramatically reduces engine torque
• OEM or retro-fit
• Simple installation
• Suitable for autopilot and multiple stations installations
• Manual override if system fails
• LED display for system status
• Can be used with both balanced and unbalanced systems

NB: Only Sea Star or Outboard hose is suitable for use with power assist systems. Vertical installation only

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