Economical 12 volt general purpose winch with permanent magnet motor and 153:1 planetary gearing. Power-in/Power-out operation is via a weather resistant, hard wired hand remote. Free spool clutch is operated by a pull and turn knob which disengages the gearbox allowing the cable to be pulled out manually. Galvanised steel cable with snap hook included. Suitable for intermittent duty operation only and is not suitable for industrial or hoisting applications.

Suggested boat length: 5.0m
Suggested boat weight: 2200kg
Single line stall: 907kg
Cable size: 4mm x 15m
Weight: 6.5kg

Length: 296mm
Width: 176
Height: 107kg

N.B. Suggested boat length and weight is a guide only. Other factors including ramp incline and boat trailer friction need to be taken into consideration

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