Reelax 130lb Game Fishing Chair

Purpose built and over engineered to cope with the stresses of fighting granders year after year.  The Australian Fighting Chair (AFC) 130lb includes clip on upholstery, full cover and removeable deck plate. By far the most popular game chair that Reelax builds. Back reclines, footrest adjustable in and out and angle of footrest adjustable. 4 rod holders.

Dimensions: Maximum swinging radius 990 mm (footrest fully extended) The swinging radius and overall length specs applies to both the 80 lb and 130 lb chairs. Overall (maximum) length (footrest extended, back down) is 1750 mm.

During the longest of fights, we have added side grab rail supports, these allow the anglers to anchor themselves into the chair against 130lb drag settings, go sunset and hold on.

The Reelax gimble snubber has been a long time coming. it holds the cup at the perfect angle for the struggling angler who has just been battling a jammed rod at the coaming. Saves you rubber bands as well.

 After numerous requests and near death experiences, we have added grip to the footrest of our 130lb AFC (8.1 part no.) No more anglers slipping off the footrest and being ripped face first into the transom or worst.


SKU 8.1