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Remote Battery Switching:

The 113670 and 113671 are specifically designed to allow battery switches to be mounted close to the battery bank or for the remote isolation of bow thrusters. Available in 275A and 500A, both switches are operated by the 113546 dash mounted switch or alternatively, any standard on/off switch can be used

Remote Battery Switching with VSR:

Remote emergency parallel function: The 113672 and 113673 can be operated through a momentary switch on the dash which will parallel the batteries for a preset time of 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, if the voltage is high enough for the voltage sensitive switch to operate, it will stay engaged. If not, it will disengage.

Engine run sensing: VSR will engage when the voltage on either start or house battery reaches 13.7 volts. If the combined battery voltage drops below 13.0 volts and the engine is not running, after 5 seconds the contacts will open and stay open until the start or house battery voltage is exceeds 13.7 volts. If the combined battery voltage drops below 12.2 volts and the engine is running, after 5 minutes the contacts will open and stay open until the start or house battery voltage is greater than 13.7 volts. If voltage drops below 13 volts and stays above12.2 volts on either start or house battery while engine is running, the VSR will stay engaged.

Manual override option:
The advantages of using a high current VSR is that it will cover your dual battery charging requirements and emergency parallel operation in one unit

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