Formerly Teleflex Marine Instruments

• Very low profile black bezel follows the curve of lens to eliminate any water 'trapping'
• White graphics on a black dial background
• Through dial and perimeter lighting is provided for night visibility
• Domed convex glass is scratch resistant
• Pointers are white with a black hub
• Shielded to prevent magnetic interference
• Suitable for 24 volt applications with addition of drop resistor and 24 volt bulb.
• Silicone dampened

75mm Tacho:
96mm bezel diameter, 86mm cut out, 70mm intrusion, 13mm protrusion

75mm Speedometer:
96mm bezel diameter, 86mm cut out, 82mm intrusion, 13mm protrusion

50mm Electrical:
61mm bezel diameter, 53mm cut out, 63mm intrusion, 11mm protrusion

For sender code identification refer to senders in related products

Dia (mm):75   Sender Code:Motor Alternator


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