Roto DC Marine Generator Genset Battery Charger
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Roto DC Marine Generator Genset Battery Charger at Catalogue, Marine Generators & Gensets AC & DC Roto Diesel Brand

The DC Gensets.

2011 Sydney BoatShow Engine, now installed in 32' sailing yacht in Queensland.
Marine Diesel DC Genset Battery Charger
12 & 24 Volts
70 amps and 30 amps Output

Designed, Manufactured & Sold by

Marine Direct Australia

Engine meets EPA Guidelines

DC Genset installed in this locker.

Specifications & Pricing & Options Below.

New Installation: March  2011


                  New DC Genset in soft shell sound cover                     DC Genset Installed in Wester Australian Mobile Lighting tower.

Above Right: DC Genset with dry exhaust option installed in mobile lighting control room
system and shipped to Western Australia. 

This Roto DC Genset provides backup power to the solar panels
& features an automatic start and stop function determined
by the voltage of the house batteries.


The "ROTO" range of Marine DC Gensets sets a new benchmark in high output and simple design.  This DC Generator is designed and built in Australia using the best possible Australian and international components.

Smaller yachts can now house a reliable source of DC energy to power DC appliances and charge their batteries. Motorboats can do away with larger, traditional AC generators and utilise inverters. This DC Genset also provides a supplement to existing power systems on larger boats, meaning larger gensets need not be run and batteries are always topped up when required.  Standard marine genset has a wet exhaust.  Unit can also be supplied ready for a dry stack exhaust system.

Basic Pricing:  Includes GST

12 Volts Up to 60 amps charging:  AUD$3800
24 Volts Up to 30 amps charging:  AUD$4100
Optional Auto Start & Auto Stop feature Installed $575


- Strong and robust 4 stroke diesel engine with United States Environmental Protection Agency Certification for emissions. 
- Oversized motor with 30% power reserve for long life.  Engine manufactured to ISO9001 standards. 
- Australian made stainless steel wet exhaust and finger guard.
- American "Aqualarm" raw water failure alarm with engine stop.
- Separate & completely isolated "above ground" DC electrical system design for both Genset motor and charging system.  ie. the genset and your boats electrics are completely isolated from one another.
- Oil pressure switch with engine stop.
- Electric fuel pump.
- In built dynamo Trickle Charger dedicated to DC Genset's starter battery.... no flat starter battery!
- Continuous duty rated electric Johnson raw water pump.   Operates only when engine is running.
- Quality marine rated, flame protected Arco USA Brand 12 or 24 volt DC alternator with isolated ground.
- Australian designed and made generator stand and bracketing.
- Flexible star coupling between engine and alternator.
- Australian made Isoflex engine mounts.
- Remote mounted quality hinged door relay box, with 1 metre wiring loom and quick connect plugs.
6 metre helm control wiring loom standard 3 metre and 6 metre extension control panel wiring looms available.
- Hour meter installed on relay box.
- Optional Auto Start & Auto Stop based on house bank battery voltage. (Available October 2010)
- Optional relay box start/stop switch.
- Optional continuous rated Johnson air blower (with engine shutdown) for confined spaces.  Operates only when engine is running.
- Simple push button start with ignition ON and indicator light.  6 metre wiring loom standard. 
- Simple 100 hour oil service with oil drain.
- Compact size. Weighs 35 kilos. Approximate engine base footprint 30cm x 30cm.  Physical size approximately 50 x 50 x 45cm.
- Inexpensive spare parts, simple service and parts replacement.
- One year parts only warranty. (Everything is modular......even the engine can be replaced in 30 minutes!)

Unhoused and unmuffled DC Genset 80Db at 4 metres (comparison unhoused Onan MDJE 240 volt AC Genset is 80Db at 4 metres with wet exhaust.)   In reality, if you have a sound insulated engine room, then you will only hear a light rumble far less than 69 Db

Output: Maximum output 60 amps at 12 volts and 30 amps at 24 volts.   Charging rate depends on existing battery state and air temperature.  Engine output set 30% below engine’s maximum capabilities for long life.

Exhaust Considerations:    The raw water pump will only operate when the engine is running. The waterlock muffler must be installed below the outlet of the stainless exhaust elbow to avoid any possibility of the raw water backing up into and damaging the engine.  If possible have a vertical loop in the hose after the muffler to remove any siphoning risk.   Sailing boats should always install an anti siphon valve after the muffler to ensure water is not sucked in via the exhaust hull fitting when the boat is heeled over.

AutoStart & AutoStop:  When house bank battery voltage falls to a set level engine will attempt to start 3 times.  Run time can be set for multiples of one hour or manually overridden.   With a known battery bank size and known charge output from the Genset, an accurate charging run time can be set.  

Ventilation:  The engine is aircooled and will require adequate ventilation. The exhaust system is water injection cooled.  The temperature will rise slightly in a hot engine room or on a hot day, however the Genset engine will also draw cool outside air into the compartment and expel this air overboard when running. The raw water pump keeps the exhaust cool. We also offer an air blower option that will resolve most engine room cabinet issues.

Basic Installation:  Your DC Genset will arrive fully assembled.  Simply place in position.  Secure engine mounts to the structure.  Attach exhaust hose to stainless exhaust elbow.   Position fuel pump, connect wiring with quick connect plugs  and connect fuel lines.  Position raw water pump, and connect wiring plugs.   Position and mount the relay box.  Connect wiring loom plugs.  Attach starter motor battery.   Run +ve and -ve charge wires from alternator to the battery bank to be charged.      Turn on ignition to activate fuel pump, bleed fuel line.  Engine will then start.

Floor Space Required for mounting  cm:  On mounts 60L x 50W x 50H



12 volt without Smart Regulator $3800
24 volt without Smart Regulator $4100

Electrics & Wiring:
 metre helm control wiring loom extension Included
Additional 3 metre helm control wiring loom extension $100
Additional 6 metre helm control wiring loom extension $150
Optional Relay Box Start/Stop Switch $110

Auto Stop/Start Function $575

Waterlock Muffler: Side In Top Out: $170
Sailing Boat Anti Siphon Valve: $205
1.5" Exhaust Hose "Lloyds Approved":  $75 metre.
Pack of 10 marine stainless 1.5" hose clamps: $40
Raw Water Delivery Hose 0.5" $15 metre.
Pack of 10 marine stainless 0.5" hose clamps $20
Bronze 1/2" raw water skin fitting with bronze/stainless ball valve  with  1/2" raw water strainer  Kit $150
Stainless 1.5" exhaust skin fitting $40
1/2" rubber reinforced raw water hose $15 metre.

5/16" Fuel Delivery Hose $10 metre
1/4" Fuel Return Hose $10 metre
Additional In Line 5/16" metal fuel filters (replace every 100 hours) $15 each
Diesel Fuel Tanks 40 litre $300, 40 litre $335 Click here

All specifications and information are subject to review and further updating.
Plus freight costs.  Credit card surcharge 2.5%.

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