Permatrim Boat Levelling System
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Large Outboards Permatrim Above 60hp at Catalogue, Permatrim Boat Levelling System

Large Outboards Permatrim Above 60hp


Large Permatrims for engines over 60hp

These 6mm thick Permatrims are for large sized engines, generally above 60hp with a boat weight of less than 2 tonnes.    If you do not see your engine listed, it is most likely located in the medium sized Permatrim section of this catalogue.

Permatrims are classified by horsepower.  If you have newer 4 strokes, Etec or Verado then simply select on horsepower.  Each order is individually checked.   We will ensure you receive the correct Permatrim for your engine.

IMPORTANT: If your engine is 175hp and above AND the loaded weight of your boat EXCEEDS 2 tonnes, there is a requirement for an extra large and heavy duty Permatrim.     Order this heavy duty Permatrim.  If necessary we will contact you, adjust your order and refund any monies to you.

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Price(each) AUD:
Standard Permatrim  $230.00 
Heavy Duty Permatrim (See text)  $290.00 
Permatrim Size: 
Approximate Boat Weight: 
Heavy Duty?: 
Confirm Your Engine Model & Year: 
Engine Colour: 
Boat Type & Weight: 

WE CARE! We will personally check every Permatrim order with you and also the manufacturer to ensure you receive the correct Permatrim for your engine. Delivery is usually within3 days Australia wide.  We use Australia Post Express bags.   Standard Australia wide delivery fee is $15 to $25 depending on size. A second Permatrim may increase the freight charge. If you have a 4 stroke, Etec or Verado, simply tell us your engine type and model.  Permatrims are classified by engine horsepower.

"Dear Scott, My M7 Permatrim arrived Monday pm by courier. Thanks for the prompt service. Russell. September 2003"

Thanks for the excellent service and follow up on the supply of the permatrim foil for my Honda 75hp
The positive change is has made to the boat and handling is all what I had hoped for. Have not lost speed and in fact made it more economical which was good anyway.
Thanks again for good service.  Colin" September 2009

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