Permatrim Boat Levelling System
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Permatrim Boat Levelling System at Catalogue

Trim your outboard or sterndrive with a Permatrim Boat Leveling System. Solves most boat performance problems and is easy to install.


Permatrim Boat Levelling System. 

Trim your boat easily and inexpensively!

Simply mount a Permatrim on your outboard or sterndrive.

Marine Direct - Supplier of Permatrims in Australia since 1999.  Direct delivery to your door.


Before Permatrim

Permatrim Installed.

Twin Cat Permatrim Installation

Permatrim on rubber duckie

Permatrim on Volvo Penta 280 Sterndrive

Permatrim keeps your boat permanently in trim, gets you on the plane quicker and allows you to plane at slower speeds in rough water.  And you do not have to move your passengers forward to get on the plane.

There are 4 sizes available:

Small- Up to 30hp

Medium- 30 to 60hp

Large- Over 60hp (Optional heavy duty option available is when required.)


Permatrim is a one piece construction of solid aluminium fixed by 8 or 10 countersunk screws that ensure your cavitation plate will not break during turns or in rough conditions.

The Permatrim is NOT a foil with two wings. The Permatrim is an extension of the cavitation plate. Turned down side edges direct water to the rear giving additional lift.

Each Permatrim is correctly sized to suit each engine and tuned to your boat size.  If you have a new Etec, Verado, or four stroke engine the Permatrim will fit!

Permatrims are made of marine grade aluminium and is powder coated to the colour of your engine.

Faster planning times.

Easy do it yourself installation.

Boarding step!

Improves economy.




Ordering Information:

To order, simply select your engine size from the list below and provide us with a few words about your engine. We will contact you if necessary to ensure that the correct Permatrim has been selected for your engine.

Marine Direct will ensure you will get the correct Permatrim for your engine and boat!   Delivery Australia wide  is only $15 or $22 depending on size.   We only ship by express mail.

Large Outboards Permatrim Above 60hp
Price AUD: from $230.00 More Info  
Medium Outboards Permatrim 35hp to 60hp
Price AUD: $165.00 More Info  
Small Outboards Permatrim below 30hp
Price AUD: $120.00 More Info  
Stern Drives Permatrim
Price AUD: $290.00 More Info  
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