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FlexiTank Fuel Bladder


Flexible Fuel Bladder

If you have been looking for an alternative to unsightly, heavy, space hungry and expensive fuel tanks then look no further!

FlexiTank Flexible Fuel BladderFlexitank's flexible fuel bladder tank/cells are the perfect way to carry almost any fuel imaginable. The fuel bladder tanks are specifically designed to be used across a huge range of applications and offer you a completely safe way to carry up to 1500 litres of fuel.

Just how safe are they? The bladder tanks are manufactured from bulletproof polyurethane fabric, used by the USA military, so they are capable of surviving any environment. The single and dual layer fuel bladder/cells meet strict EPA requirements with the best quality 316 grade stainless steel fittings available and are self bundled with their own secondary containment. All tanks are also internally baffled for extra strength and support.

Best of all, they fold up to between 1/7th and 1/10th of their filled size, making them easy to store when they aren't in use.

FlexiTank Flexible Fuel BladderCommonly used across agriculture, mining, military and emergency services, the high quality tanks are well suited as temporary or emergency fuel storage where fast deployment is crucial. Furthermore, the flexible bladders extend the range of any marine vessel without taking up valuable storage space.

All in all these flexible, durable, military grade fuel tanks are the safest way to carry your extra fuel.

Flexible Fuel Tank Features:

  • Stay safe: Dual layer, bladder in bladder technology meets all worldwide EPA requirements for fuel storage
  • Don't get left without fuel: Standard capacities from 250 - 1500 litres
  • Long lasting build: All 316 grade stainless steel fittings and attachments
    • 1 x 1 11/2" (38mm) inlet with elbow, ball valve and hose tail
    • 1 x 1/2" (12mm) outlet with ball valve and hose tail
    • 1 x 1/2" (12mm) check valve vent with elbow
  • Easy to secure: 4 x 50mm dee rings attached to the top of the tank make positioning full tanks easy
  • Avoid spills: Two internal baffles help alleviate tank stress 
  • Protect the surrounds: Ground sheet manufactured from USA military spec poly urethane protect the bladder tank when full
  • Safety guaranteed: Pressure tested to 3 psi before dispatch

FlexiTank Flexible Fuel BladderSuitable for all types of fuels*:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Bio-Diesel fuel
  • Petrol/gasoline
  • E-10 Bio-Ethanol
  • Jet Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • #2 & #4 fuel oils
  • Lubricants

Available sizes:

250 66 850 X 850 X 350MM
500 132 1200 X 1200 X 350MM
750 198 1470 X 1470 X 350MM
1000 264 1700 X 1700 X 350MM
1500 396 2000 X 2000 X 350MM

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Price(each) AUD: $49.00
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