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4x4 and SUV FlexiTank


4x4 & SUV FlexiTanks

Off-road travellers know the harsh truth of being stranded without water. It is the most important onboard commodity in any off road adventure, however is often one of the forgotten issues when considering what to take off road.

When space is at a premium, you need water carrying options that are designed specifically for your vehicle.
Flexitank bladders are stringently tested in the tough Australian outback, and consistently receive two thumbs up from our happy (as well as safe and hydrated) adventurers.

FTA flexible drinking water bladders:

  • Suitable for most 4WD and SUV on the market
  • Carry up to 90 litres of additional water
  • Made from potable material (safe for drinking and taste free)
  • Comply with international standards for materials in contact with water.

Universal Tanks

Put wasted space to good use with the FTA Universal flexitank range. This extremely durable water bladder lies across the rear seat foot well, cargo area and roof rack of most 4WD vehicles, and can withstand the scuffing of passenger feet (but not being stood upon!). When empty, the Universal Tank rolls up for easy storage.

Each tank includes:

  • 1" (25mm) inlet with cap for easy filling
  • 1/2" (13mm) outlet with a 1 metre hose kit for emptying bladder
  • Tie-down points for use in cargo areas and on roof racks.

Rear Quarter Panel Bladders

Utilise every spare inch of space with bladders designed specifically for larger 4WD vehicles. These easy-to-install bladders fit inside the rear quarter panel of the vehicle, providing you 20-25 litres of water without any loss of cargo space. There is no neater or more efficient way to carry water in a 4WD.

Available sizes include:


(in litres)


( in mm)
PW35 35 Universal 1400 x 330 x 160+
PW55 55 Universal 1400 x 400 x 160+
PW75 75 Universal 1400 x 500 x 170+
PW100 100 Universal 1400 x 650 x 180+
PW50H 50 Universal/dual cab Toyota HiLux (hanging behind the back seat) 1300 x 110 x 580
PWS60 20 Toyota Landcruiser 60 series
880 x 400 x 110
PWS80 25 Toyota Landcruiser 80 series 1030 x 520 x 110
PWS100 25 Toyota Landcruiser 100 series 1030 x 520 x 110
PWS120P 20 Toyota Prado 120 Series
840 x 520 x 110
PWGU 20 Nissan GU Patrol
960 x 330 x 150
PWNMP 90 Pajero under floor cavity
850 x 500 x 230+

+ - Height of bladder does not include the fittings - add 70mm to the height for complete height

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Price(each) AUD: $49.00
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