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Marine FlexiTank


Flexitank dual layer waste holding marine bladders

Marine Flexitanks

Why carry bulky jerry cans or expensive rigid tanks when every spare inch of onboard space is valuable? With Flexitanks, your unused space holds liquids such as potable drinking water, diesel, as well as black and grey water.

Some manufacturers use old high-frequency technology to weld bladder outer edges.  Some have even tried to copy what we do.  But there is a reason we have been manufacturing for 28 years and exporting our products all over the world.  Its quality and ingenuity in manufacturing. FTA only use the latest hot air technology to create seamless sided bladders. Fewer welds mean fewer weak spots, so your new Flexitanks will last longer and take you further.


  • Replace bulky, rusty jerry cans that can damage your vessel
  • Extend your fishing, travelling and hauling range easily and inexpensively
  • Free deck space on ALL vessels by using otherwise wasted space under beds, kitchen seats, in hulls, bows, etc. No alteration of existing vessel features required
  • When used on deck, fold up and stow away when not in use to free up valuable deck space
  • Pillow tank style diesel bladders are airless and water impermeable to prevent fuel contamination and protect your vessel's engine/motor
  • The economical alternative to rigid tanks - a 50 litre Flexitank costs under $200, customised rigid tanks can cost over $1000
  • Simple installation allows bladders to be fitted and filled in a day
  • Buy and hold high quality fuel when it's cheap and readily available
  • Waste-holding bladders meet strict EPA standards which stipulate that any vessel within state waters incorporating shower, galley, toilet or wash facilities must have onboard wastewater holding facilities
  • Made-to-order customisation: Up to 50,000 litres capacities for all liquid types.


  • 50 - 1000 litre pillow tank design capacities for under and above deck applications
  • Variety of uses - water, diesel and waste holding applications
  • 100% Australian made, high quality Acetal skin fittings for all bladders
  • Stainless steel tie-down grommets for securing bladders in compartments
  • Dual bladder technology (bladder within bladder) offers extra strength and peace of mind. Inner layers are replaceable (in the unlikely event that this is needed)
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials available worldwide. ALL materials are rot, mould and UV resistant
  • All marine flexitanks come with a standard 1" (25mm) inlet & 1/2" (13mm) outlet on water and diesel tanks, and all waste holding tanks are supplied standard with 1 1/2" (38mm) inlets and outlets and 1/2" (13mm) vent
  • All fittings are supplied standard with tails and thread, after which you can adapt to the tank in almost unlimited ways!


50 730 X 690 X 290
100 1035 X 810 X 340
150 1050 X 1010 X 360
200 1330 X 1010 X 360
300 1690 X 1010 X 420
500 2060 X 1150 X 470
750 2060 X1480 X 500
1000 2060 X 1800 X 500

Please note: Pillow tank style dual layer water/diesel tanks are not suitable for any other fuels than diesel.  Please see our range of universal fuel bladder/cells for our range of bladders/cells that are suitable for ANY fuel!


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Price(each) AUD: $49.00
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