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Anchor Swivels



The Ultra Swivel is a uniquely fabricated anchor swivel, connecting the chain and anchor without the need of additional shackles. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel and hand polished for stunning presentation on the bow, the Ultra Swivel is uniquely strong, slimline and does not require any locking pins or safety wires.

The breaking strength of the swivel is typically higher than the chain connected and allows 30 degree rotation with complete 360 degree swivel. The Ultra Swivel is fabricated with a unique flipping nub; assisting to recover the anchor right-way up onto the bow roller. This flipping nub, combined with the Ultra Swivels rotation and complete 360 degree swivel ability, ensures setting and recovering your anchor is an easier and safer task.

Square head locking bolts prevent the need for additional grub screws to secure the swivel pins, and every Ultra Swivel has the breaking strength listed on the rear of its one piece body.

Supplied with a standard three year warranty the Ultra Swivel incorporates unique design features and advantages, making it the worlds most advanced anchor swivel.
Square Head Bolts Ensures locking bolt cannot release unintentionally.

Rounded Corners Avoids potential damage to contacted surfaces.

One Piece Body Fabricated (not cast) one piece body ensures maximum strength.

Specifications The swivels chain size and breaking strength is recorded on the rear side of the swivel.

Flip Nub If the anchor is recovered up-side down the flip nub will assist the anchor to correctly right itself onto the roller.

Semi Spherical Ball Self cleaning and allows 360 degree swivel.

Throat Opening The opening is specially suited to the chain size.

One Piece Head Fabricated (not cast) one piece swivel head (which includes the semi spherical ball) ensures maximum strength.

Warranty All Ultra Swivels are supplied with a standard three year warranty and are suitable to be used with most anchor types.




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