Gamefishing Chairs
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Game Fishing Chairs

Mandatory in professional charter boats, the game chair or 'fish fighting' chair can also be a great benefit to recreational anglers hoping to catch billfish, tuna and sharks from their home waters.

As anglers travel further a field, exploring the deep canyons along the Continental Shelf off Australia, and the fringing reefs off the islands of the South Pacific, interest in 37kg and 65 kg tackle is increasing. Specifically, anglers are encountering bigger fish more often in deep ocean conditions from larger craft.

Given the overwhelming desire of modern anglers to release their capture, it is more than ever practical to use heavier tackle for quicker, cleaner captures. And while stand-up gear is okay for the young and fit - very few anglers can stand and tough it out with 24kg tackle - let alone 37kg and 65kg gear.

Reelax Fighting Chairs are designed to let the angler and crew enjoy the experience; thrilling to the chase in safety, comfort and style. They let the skipper concentrate on the quarry; he knows his angler is safe in a Reelax chair - leaving the crew to work the deck, while the angler derives maximum pleasure from the use of a properly designed and engineered Reelax Fighting Chair.



130lb Deluxe Fighting Chair

Price: AUD$10,900.00

130lb Teak Grander Game Fishing Chair

Price: AUD$24,000.00

50lb Fibreglass Fighting Chair

Price: AUD$2,049.00

80lb Light Tackle Deluxe Gamefishing Chair

Price: AUD$6,350.00

80lb Narrow Fighting Chair

Price: AUD$5,700.00

Back Mount Launcher for Reelax Teak Grander 8.0

Price: AUD$49.00

Back Mounted Rocket Launcher for 80 &130lb Game Chairs

Price: AUD$3,200.00

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