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Outriggers Game Poles Fittings at Catalogue, Game Fishing Chairs, Prep Stations, Downriggers, Outriggers & Poles

Installing outriggers is not the 'black art' many people think it is, but there are some tips and techniques which have been worked out over the years that are worth knowing when the time comes to install your own outrigger system.

First up, try and ensure that you keep the outriggers as low to the water in a horizontal plane as practical. Often they're installed with far too much rake to the sky, when the whole point is to get the tip of the outrigger as low and as far away from the boat as possible.

In the pictures to the right, the outriggers are set at just about the perfect angle or rake.

Ensure that the tips of the outriggers are positioned just behind an imaginary line drawn across the transom of the boat. This will ensure tangle free turns when the boat is working in circles around a bait school, fish, or coming about to complete a "boxed section" trolling pattern. If possible, fit the top eye bolt on the outrigger at least 200mm (9") down from the very tip of the outrigger, to prevent line wrap around the tip during a violent strike or tip "work" when the bait or lure is skipping in choppy conditions.

Another important consideration concerns the placement of the outriggers - very often they're placed so far forward they're almost impossible to reach from the cockpit in safety. This can become a matter of real concern at the end of the day's fishing when conditions have worsened and the decision is made to return to base. Similarly, it goes without saying the halyards should also be returned to the cockpit where they can be used over and over again during the day.



Deluxe Shotgun

Price: AUD$475.00

Game Poles- Price per pair.

Price: AUDfrom $785.00

Gunnell Mount (sold as a pair)

Price: AUD$435.00

Heavy Duty Rod Holders- Stainless

Price: AUDfrom $140.00

Junior 600 & 1000 Sizes

Price: AUDfrom $1,975.00

Maxi 2000

Price: AUD$3,475.00

Mini 1000

Price: AUD$2,549.00

Multi Mount Rigger- Sold per Pair

Price: AUD$365.00

Outrigger Kits- Super Rigging Kit

Price: AUD$749.00

Reef 450

Price: AUD$1,075.00

Rod Holder Extender

Price: AUD$55.00

Rod Holder Swivel

Price: AUD$149.00

Shotgun Centre Outrigger

Price: AUD$320.00

Silver Game Pole Decorative Spear Tip- Sold as a Pair

Price: AUD$174.00

Standard Rod Holders- Stainless

Price: AUDfrom $85.00

T-Topper Pair

Price: AUD$890.00

Tagline Kits

Price: AUD$159.00

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