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Made on the same day as your order.


Marine Direct is an Authorised National Retailer of C-Map charts and parts and have been assisting our customers worldwide for years.  We ship locally, interstate and overseas. 

We have all the plotter model lists to ensure what comes out of the box will fit and operate first time.  We know PC based plotting and can quickly send you all the parts required for a PC navigation system.

Goods generally leave the same day as payment is received

New for 2015:  Please Read This......


New versions of Cmap charts have been released to make use of newer chartplotter technology.

The current versions are:

NT+: For older chartplotters

MAX: For current chartplotters such as later Navman, Northstar

MAX N: For New Navico Branded chartplotters


4D Max:

4D Max+:

MAX PRO Charts:


If unsure sendus an email and we will check the compatibility for you.

C-Map NT+ Wide Area Charts for NT+ Plotters Only
Price AUD: $385.00 More Info  
C-Map Cmap Bathymetric Charts
Price AUD: $99.00 More Info  
C-Map MAX Local Area Charts- New Areas LATEST CHARTS!
Price AUD: $215.00 More Info  
C-Map MAX Mega Wide Charts of Asia, Australia, NZ, Oceana & Indian Ocean
Price AUD: $580.00 More Info  
C-Map MAX Wide Charts, Australia, PNG, NZ, Pacific, Indian Ocean & Asia
Price AUD: $325.00 More Info  
C-map NT+ Local Charts Australia For NT+ Plotters Only
Price AUD: $225.00 More Info  
Cmap MAX N+ LOCAL charts for Navico Plotters
Price AUD: $195.00 More Info  
Cmap MAX N+ WIDE charts for Navico Plotters
Price AUD: $299.00 More Info  
Rest of World Charts
Price AUD: $49.00 More Info  
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