Roto Inboard Engine Flush- From $250
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Roto Inboard Engine Flush- From $250 at Catalogue, Marine Engine Flush Systems & Kits


New Roto Brand Engine Flush System

Available Now.  Australian Made.

Inexpensive.  Best Components. Single or Twin Engine

Simple DIY Installation. 

Flush your Inboard Engine   10hp to 2000hp.

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High quality press button inboard flushing system for boats permanently moored in salt water.

Suitable for Petrol & Diesel Engines.

Many other industrial uses.

Use to protect engine blocks, heat exchangers, intercoolers, aftercoolers, exhaust elbows and pumps.

Reduce the effects of corrosion, rusting and electrolysis.

Can be used with Neutra Salt, Salt X or any other Salt Inhibitor concentrate*

Made in Australia by Marine Direct Australia.

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A large 2 litre reservoir tank contains the salt busting concentrate that is injected into the raw (salt) water cooling water.  The concentrate neutralises the salt and prevents salt build up, expensive corrosion repairs and the deterioration of engine anodes.  The engine's cooling system will operate more efficiently.

Same system is suitable for engines from 10hp up to 2000hp!

Important:  This system does not require fresh water to flush the engine.   The system mixes a concentrate with the raw cooling water that neutralises the salt preventing corrosion and/or electrolysis within the engine.  It is specifically designed to prevent build up of salt and scale in engine blocks, heat exchangers, intercoolers, aftercoolers, exhaust elbows and pumps. Engine anodes will last longer, and corrosion and electrolysis is reduced.

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Operating Instructions:

Park the boat at your mooring with engine running at idle and press the engine flush button for 30 seconds or so.  Turn engine off.  The salt water in the cooling passages of your engine has been neutralised and your engine is protected until its next use.

Twin engines....

Option 1:

Purchase a complete single engine system for each engine.  (Twice the price)

Option 2:

Order our economical twin engine system.  (Note this will double the amount of plumbing components.  You will use twice as much concentrate from the single reservoir as both engines receive concentrate from this single tank.)

The System:

  • Large 2 litre high quality concentrate tank with long life 12 volt electric pump and dispensing solenoid.  Standard stainless mounting bracket and screws.  (We have designed this system to not only look good but operate as it should!)
  • One metre tank wiring loom with connections.
  • 10 metres quality tinned wiring loom to switch supplied.  Includes connections.
  • 6 metres of quality rubber tubing to deliver the the concentrate from the reservoir to the engine.
  • Waterproof in line blade type 5amp fuse.
  • Dash mounted Moment Switch with Rubber Seal.
  • All electrical components and wiring are sealed against water damage.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Stainless tie wire for clamping small hoses.
  • This is an easy non rocket science DIY kit, or give it to your installer. 
  • You will need crimp tool, screwdriver, drill, cable ties, and a basic understanding of 12 volts DC.  Everything is included.  The installation is logical, straightforward, even fun.

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Click Here to download instructions. PDF File

Included in the Box:


What's Included in the box?

2 Litre Tank, sealed 12 volt pump, sealed solenoid valve, 1 metre sealed wiring loom.

One litre Salt X Concentrate for up to 40 flushes.

1/8" brass hosetail hosetail- either straight or 90 degrees.

3 metres concentrate Delivery Hose. Tie wire.

Male and Female electric connectors.

Mini Blade Fuse & 5 amp Fuse.

Polished Stainless Bracket and Stainless Screws.

Moment On Dash Switch with Rubber Boot.

Cable Ties.  Regulating Delivery Valve.  Heat Shrink.

Optional T Piece in sizes from 0.5 to 3 inches for small to very large engines.

Twin system has all extra components in the box for two engines.

*Image shows bronze connector.  Illustration purposes.  Specifications can change as product is continually being improved.

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Engine Connections:

Connecting the system to the engine is straightforward.  Simply choose your desired method..... Remember the best injection point is after the raw water pump.

Note: Every system is supplied with a 1/8" brass hosetail.  This hosetail size is used in every engine flush system.  The T Piece connectors are optional.

Copper & Brass T Connector &  1/8" 90 degree fitting.

The 1/8" fitting is also available as a straight hosetail.


Brass 1/8" Hosetails:  Are supplied on their own and are included with each system.  In other words every system must have a1/8 hosetail.  These fittings can be tapped, soldered or epoxied to the existing brass pipeware or components.  This will suit many diesels, petrol engines also industrial applications.  These hosetails can also be inserted into adapters that screw into existing engine fittings.  In other words, you must use the 3/16" fitting as a conduit to somehow connect the concentrate hose line to your engine.

Copper & Brass T Piece Connectors: This is an option.  These T Pieces are custom made to fit our 1/8" hosetail.  They are designed to be inserted into the raw water cooling line after the raw water pump (although it can be inserted before the raw water pump.)

Choose 0.5", 1.25", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" & 4" T Piece sizes. The size is the Internal Diameter of the raw water intake hose.   Each T Piece also comes with a 1/8 hosetail.  Made from copper pipe with welded 1/8" brass fitting.  Can be straight or 90 degrees.


The system will  operate using Salt X or Neutrasalt, however the mixing ratio will differ.  We provide one litre of Salt X with each purchase.  The mixing rate will differ if the boat is on a trailer and being flushed with fresh water & Salt X or if the boat is moored and you are flushing the boat with salt water and Salt X.

A detailed instruction sheet sheet is included with each Roto Kit.  Every engine is different and the dispensing ratio depends on the volume of water flow through the engine at idle speed.

Click Here to download instructions. PDF File

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