Salt X Flushing Systems
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Salt X Flushing Systems at Catalogue, Marine Engine Flush Systems & Kits

Salt X Engine Flush

Salt-X neutralizes salt corrosion, and once left on to air dry, it will leave a protective coating that gives further protection from corrosion. Salt-X can be applied to any part of your boat, trailer, Jet Ski, yacht, fishing tackle, outboard motor, 4x4, or scuba gear. It is safe to apply to all these items with total confidence.

Used regularly, it lengthens the life of your valuable assets as well you do not suffer reduced performance or damage due to the corrosion build up.

Salt-X is brilliant for use as an engine cooling system flush as it travels through the galleries in your engine and destroys the salt that resides in the cooling system once your engine is turned off.

To flush your outboard motor you can attach the Auto Mix Unit to your engine flushing unit which measures the amount of Salt-X for the last 20 seconds of the flushing cycle or you can add it to your water drum and flush your outboard. Spraying boat trailers after submerging into seawater is recommended, a light spray will stop the corrosion.

The Auto Mix system can also be used on a correctly plumbed inboard engine.


Salt-X Buster50 1 Litre

Price: AUD$26.50

Salt-X Buster50 10 Litres

Price: AUD$145.00

Salt-X Buster50 4 Litres

Price: AUD$70.00

Salt-X Cooling System

Price: AUD$130.00

Salt-X SX50 1 Litre

Price: AUD$26.50

Salt-X SX50 10 Litres

Price: AUD$145.00

Salt-X SX50 4 Litres

Price: AUD$70.00

Salt-X SX50 Injector System

Price: AUD$58.00

The REEL Spray

Price: AUD$18.25

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