Neutra Salt System for Volvo Penta Engines
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Neutra Salt System for Volvo Penta Engines at Catalogue, Marine Engine Flush Systems & Kits


Flush your boat's engine in salt water.

Do it yourself installation.



Designed for both freshwater- and saltwater-cooled engines that have an engine-driven raw-water pump.

The new QL Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System is now available for installation on all gasoline inboards and sterndrives. This system is designed for both freshwater-and saltwater-cooled engines that have an engine-driven raw-water pump. As a saltwater boater, you are continually challenged by the corrosive effects of salt —both inside and outside your engine — particularly when the boat is sitting unused in the water. Now, with the installation and use of the QL Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System, you have an effective and simple solution to combat internal corrosion and help extend the life of your engine.

Benefits of our flushing system:

• Flushes your engine while the boat is sitting in the water —there is no need to trailer your boat or hook up to a freshwater supply in order to flush and protect your engine
• Helps protect your engine from saltwater damage
• Helps prevent corrosion by removing salt deposits, leaving a protective corrosion inhibitor on all metal surfaces, including: Power-steering and oil cooler, engine block, exhaust manifold and risers,thermostat housing, circulating and raw-water pumps
• Installs easily and operates smoothly.


How our flushing system works:

1. To operate, simply engage the "Flush" switch by pushing and holding the dash-mounted switch for 45 seconds while running the engine at idle speed, making sure the engine has an adequate supply of raw water.

2. Once the Flush switch is engaged, the Neutra-Salt concentrate solution will be injected into the cooling system,
leaving a corrosion-inhibiting coating on all metal surfaces, thereby neutralizing the salinity of incoming seawater.

3. Before disengaging the Flush switch, you must turn off the engine. For best results, use the QL Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System after every trip outing. Boat owners will
typically get 10 to 15 flushes before a refill is needed.

Kit includes:

 0.95 litre of QL Neutra-Salt motor flushing concentrate, 2.85 litre reservoir with mounting bracket, eight feet of hose, brass raw-water inlet tee fitting, connecting hose for power-steering cooler, hose clamps, rocker switch, "Flush" switch, wiring harness with fuses, and solenoid.

INBOARD ENGINES & ENGINE MOUNTED RAW WATER PUMPS: Determine the best position for the T Piece in the raw water hose. You can position the hose before or after the raw water pump*. But it must be located before the first piece of engine equipment such as heat exchangers and oil coolers. Remove a 1" section of the hose. Insert and double clamp the T Piece. Connect Neutra Salt delivery hose to the T Piece and double clamp (* For added safety it is important to ensure that the Neutra Salt delivery hose is well clamped and ideally above the water line of the boat.)

MERCRUISER TYPE STERNDRIVES: Many Mercruiser sterndrives have the raw water pump located in the sterndrive. In this case there is a water delivery hose coming from the leg thru the transom housing to the engine. You need to insert the T Piece in this hose. Connect the Neutra Salt delivery hose. Double clamp all hose connections for added safety.

2. Mount Neutra Salt bottle on bulkhead and fill with Neutra Salt liquid.

3. Run wiring to dashboard.

4. To operate, press button for 45 seconds and turn off engine. Neutra Salt is now neutralising salts throughout the raw water passages of the engine, including the block, heat exchangers and manifolds/risers.


Brand Neutra Salt One US Gallon
Price AUD: $150.00 More Info  
Neutra Salt Engine Flush Kit for engine with 1 inch raw water intake hose.
Price AUD: $500.00 More Info  
Neutra Salt Engine Flush Kit for engine with 1.25" water inlet hose
Price AUD: $500.00 More Info  
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