Sound Shield for Gensets & Motors
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Sound Shield for Gensets & Motors at Catalogue


Marine Sound Shield

... for generators and noisy motors & pumps.

  • Australian made, beautifully finished and looks great.  
  • Suitable for both marine and industrial applications.  
  • Top quality materials and built to last.

The sound insulation for this sound shield is the very best Acoustica Vybar 848 double layer material, bonded to 10mm ripple finish aluminium laminated ply.

Sound Shield consists of a front, two sides, back and lid.

The sound shield is modular and easy to install.  Its held together in situ by easy to release latches and slip in pins. The top lid can open and also lift off. The front panel can be removed.

The two side panels have mounting plates for screwing into the floor structure.

The sound shield does not have any precut holes for wiring or exhaust.  Cut your own holes with a circular drill cutter for your own hose and wiring runs.

Measureing Instructions:  Measure your motor or generator.  Add 3 or 4 cm to each measurement.  This will give you the internal measurements we need to create your sound shield.   (The thickness of the sound shield material and framework is 25mm.)

Remember we need the internal meaurements!


The total size of the panels used determines the cost of materials and labour.  We have a simple formulae to determine the approximate cost.

Calculation Formulae:  Internal (L x W x H)/200 = $xxxx.

Example:  Internal (60cm x 70cm x 90cm)/200 = $1890 inc GST.

Example: Internal (50cm x 50cm x 60cm)/200 = $750 inc GST

Plus Freight.  Shipped as a flat pack.


To discuss, please call Scott on 02 99098555


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