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AFC 705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst at Catalogue, Algae X Fuel Fuel Products

AFC 705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst

The Benefits of Algae X AFC-705

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The benefits of using AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst are derived from its unique formulation of dispersants, surfactants, combustion enhancers and deposit surface modifiers, targeting problems of contaminated fuel systems in storage tanks and carbon deposits in engines, turbines and burners. 

Cleans Tanks. AFC-705 rapidly dissolves and inhibits tank sludge and eliminates microbial activity. AFC-705 cleans the total fuel system.

Removes carbon deposits.  AFC-705 combustion catalyst removes deposits by interacting with the surface of the deposit, lowering the energy of activation of its chemical bonds. This allows the release of carbon in the form of  CO2 at the lower temperatures and prevents the formulations of any new carbon deposits in the combustion chamber or the exhaust system.

Prevents deposit formation.   The AFC-705 catalytic components inhibit the agglomeration process from forming heavy deposits. The agglomeration process is stopped at the primary and secondary particle formation phase, which results in smaller, lighter particles.

Reduces fuel consumption.  Deposits in the combustion chamber absorb and protect the fuel from complete combustion. AFC-705 catalyses the combustion process. It destroys and removes deposits, which leads to the more efficient conversion of the fuel to CO2. The surfactant component in AFC reduces the fuel droplet size, which enhances the combustion process, burning a higher percentage of the fuel before the exhaust valve opens. AFC treated fuel immediately reduces fuel consumption by 5 to 10%.

Reduces Emissions. As deposits are removed, the emissions of CO, NOx, SOx, HC and particulates are drastically reduced.

Reduces carbon content of ash. The catalyst interferes with the agglomeration of combustion by-products by enhancing CO2 production. With less carbon available to end up in the ash complex, the amounts of ash or soot will be significantly reduced.

Cooler Exhaust, Lower NOx. Fuel has a limited amount of energy that becomes available during combustion through the production of CO2. The catalytic components in AFC-705 enhance the combustion process. When more of the fuels' energy is released during the combustion phase, less energy will be available to be released during the exhaust phase. The difference in energy release correlates to a temperature difference.  Higher energy release in the combustion chamber means lower energy release during the exhaust phase, which results in cooler exhaust, lowering the production of NOx.

Extends Equipment life.  Engine life can be more than doubled as the result of complete deposit removal, cleaner oil and reduced friction. Injectors, valves, rings and other associated parts show little sign of wear, even after extended use.

Enhance fuel lubricity with the AFC-705's Lubricity Enhancers.

Inhibit corrosion with the AFC-705 Corrosion Inhibitor.

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