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Algae X Fuel Fuel Products at Catalogue

Two Unique Products:

Algae X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

Algae X Fuel Catalyst

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The Algae-X  Magnetic Fuel Conditioner is installed in the fuel line between the tank and the filter. It continuously treats and conditions the fuel directly before combustion and before it returns to the tank. It optimizes fuel quality, and cleans the entire fuel system by simply running your engines.

Induction is the operating principle of the Algae-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioners. The principle is explained in the realm of physics and implemented here with inline magnetic fluid conditioning devices to influence electron behavior. The results are improved stability, filterability and combustibility of the fuel. This same technology can also be applied to eliminate degradation and preserve the integrity of jet fuel, light oils and hydraulic fluid.

Algae-X Fuel Catalyst (AFC-705) is complimentary to the Algae-X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner. The catalyst is an additive concentrate chemically affecting the combustion processes and stability fuel. Its unique formulation contains combustion catalyst, surfactant, dispersant, detergent, corrosion inhibitor and lubricity enhancer.

The combustion catalyst portion of the AFC-705 complements the inductive effects of the Magnetic Fuel Conditioner on the combustion process. Working in tandem, they rapidly remove and eliminate carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and improve fuel economy.

The AFC-705 concentrate has the most effective combination of additives to clean the entire fuel system, eliminate the formation of tank sludge, while providing long-term stability for stored fuel. The function of the corrosion inhibitors and lubricity enhancer are self-explanatory. Used in fuel storage tanks AFC-705 is an excellent tank cleaning agent. (Pls. Visit the
MTC 1000 page under products or contact us for more information on tank cleaning).

The installation of Algae-X equipment and the use of the AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst optimizes fuel quality, cleans the entire fuel system, lowers fuel consumption, reduces emissions to comply with clean air regulations and lowers the overall operating budget.

AFC 705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst
Price AUD: from $141.00 More Info  
Algae X Magnetic Fuel Conditioner
Price AUD: from $422.00 More Info  
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