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Engine & Maintenance

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



112110 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$286.00

112236 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$300.00

112238 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$300.00

112278 Black Amega Tacho 7000 RPM In & Outboard

Price: AUD$155.00

112290 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$286.00

112292 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$286.00

112344 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$303.00

112346 GPS Speedometer

Price: AUD$303.00

112478 GPS Receiver Cable

Price: AUD$178.00

112480 GPS Receiver Cable

Price: AUD$254.00

136320 Black Reinforced Fuel Hose - E10 Resistant

Price: AUD$290.00

136322 Black Reinforced Fuel Hose - E10 Resistant

Price: AUD$315.00

136324 Black Reinforced Fuel Hose - E10 Resistant

Price: AUD$407.00

136326 Black Reinforced Fuel Hose - E10 Resistant

Price: AUD$642.00

138130 Hose Tail ¼"

Price: AUD$4.30

138132 Hose Tail 1/8"

Price: AUD$4.00

138134 Hose Tail ¼"

Price: AUD$4.40

138136 Hose Tail ¼"

Price: AUD$4.40

138137 Hose Tail ¼"

Price: AUD$4.20

138138 Hose Tail 3/8"

Price: AUD$6.70

138140 Hose Tail 3/8"

Price: AUD$6.70

138142 Hose Tail 3/ 8"

Price: AUD$6.70

138148 Hose Tail 3/8"

Price: AUD$6.80

200106 Fuel Tank - 11.3 Litres

Price: AUD$52.50

200110 22.7 Litre Plastic Fuel Tank

Price: AUD$76.30

200124 Diesel fuel tank 60 litres

Price: AUD$238.00

200132 Johnson Evinrude Fuel Tank Adaptor

Price: AUD$12.40

200134 Mercury®/Mariner® Bayonet Fuel Tank Adaptor

Price: AUD$19.31

200136 Suzuki (75HP and Over) Fuel Tank Adaptor

Price: AUD$9.10

200138 Suzuki 70HP & Below/pre '99 Force/Chrysler Tank Fit

Price: AUD$9.10

200139 Honda fuel tank adaptor

Price: AUD$12.00

200140 Fuel Tank Adaptor - 8mm

Price: AUD$5.10

200141 Tohatsu® & Mercury® Int (to 40hp) tank adaptor

Price: AUD$10.00

200142 Yamaha, Pre 99 Mercury, 88-98 Mariner Tank Adaptor

Price: AUD$11.61

200144 Mercury® to 2003 Fuel Tank Fitting

Price: AUD$17.11

200146 Replacement Cap With Gauge For 200110

Price: AUD$20.00

200222 Mercury Mariner Bayonet Fuel Line

Price: AUD$50.50

200224 Johnson Evinrude Fuel Line

Price: AUD$36.50

200226 75HP and Above Suzuki/Honda Fuel Line

Price: AUD$37.60

200228 Small Suzuki/Force/Chrysler Fuel Line

Price: AUD$38.90

200229 Tohatsu & Mercury (2001 to date) fuel line

Price: AUD$40.21

200230 BLA Universal Fuel Line

Price: AUD$19.40

200232 88-98 Mercury, 88-98 Mariner/Yamaha Fuel Line

Price: AUD$26.80

200233 Mercury® & Mariner® (99 to date) fuel line

Price: AUD$27.80

200240 Premium Reinforced Fuel Line

Price: AUD$37.30

200242 Premium Reinforced Fuel Line

Price: AUD$27.70

200244 Premium Reinforced Fuel Line

Price: AUD$38.01

200246 Premium Reinforced Fuel Line

Price: AUD$38.90

200302 Fuel Line Primer Bulb suits 8mm ID hose

Price: AUD$8.80

200304 Fuel Line Primer Bulb to suit 10mm ID hose

Price: AUD$11.30

200310 Mercury Mariner Ext Bayonet Fuel Line Fitting

Price: AUD$17.60

200314 Mercury Mariner Int Bayonet Fuel Line Fitting

Price: AUD$13.60

200318 Johnson Evinrude Fuel Line Fitting

Price: AUD$5.50

200322 Suzuki/Honda® 75HP and Over Fuel Line Fitting

Price: AUD$19.70

200326 70HP Down Suzuki/88-98 Force/Chrysler Fuel Fit

Price: AUD$19.31

200327 Honda® Fuel Line Fitting tank end

Price: AUD$22.10

200330 88-99 Mercury, 88-98 Mariner, Yamaha Fuel Fitting

Price: AUD$6.11

200331 Mercury® (99 on) tank end fuel line fitting

Price: AUD$6.60

200332 Honda® Fuel Line Fitting motor end

Price: AUD$8.31

200334 Tohatsu® Mercury® Int fuel line fitting

Price: AUD$19.10

200346 Jerry can red 20 litre

Price: AUD$47.60

200348 Jerry can olive 20 litre

Price: AUD$47.60

200368 3 in 1 Funnel Set

Price: AUD$14.00

200369 Siphon Pump

Price: AUD$9.70

200389 Complete Fuel Filter Kit - Johnson/®Evinrude®

Price: AUD$63.90

200390 Complete Fuel Filter Kit - Mercury®

Price: AUD$54.51

200392 Replacement filter only - to suit 200389

Price: AUD$17.80

200394 Replacement filter only - to suit 200390

Price: AUD$14.30

200395 Complete filter assembly s/s Mercury

Price: AUD$114.00

200402 Cav FAS Type Complete Filter

Price: AUD$92.50

200404 Cav SS Type Complete Filter

Price: AUD$189.00

200412 Cav Filter Replacement Glass Bowl

Price: AUD$40.70

200414 Cav Filter Replacement Drain Plug

Price: AUD$6.70

200416 Cav Filter Replacement "O" Ring

Price: AUD$3.40

200418 Cav Diesel Filter Replacement Element

Price: AUD$7.90

200419 RYCO Filter Cartridge - R2132P

Price: AUD$16.20

200420 Cav Brass Barbed Hose Tail 6mm

Price: AUD$13.20

200422 Cav Brass Barbed Hose Tail 8mm

Price: AUD$7.50

200424 Cav Brass Barbed Hose Tail 10mm

Price: AUD$8.10

200426 Sediment Fuel Filter

Price: AUD$64.41

200430 Outboard Fuel Filter Complete

Price: AUD$16.70

200432 Fuel Filter Three Element Refill Pack

Price: AUD$10.80

200434 Disposable In-line Fuel Filter 6 & 8 mm

Price: AUD$6.40

200436 Disposable In-line Fuel Filter 10mm

Price: AUD$7.50

200470 Complete Fuel Filter Assembly alloy - Mercury® OEM

Price: AUD$88.90

200472 Complet Fuel Filter Assembly & Clear Bowl - Long

Price: AUD$104.01

200474 Complete Fuel Filter Assembly s/s - Mercury® OEM

Price: AUD$143.00

200476 Complet Fuel Filter Assembly & Clear Bowl - Long

Price: AUD$158.00

200478 Fuel Filter Cartridge - short Mercury®

Price: AUD$28.30

200480 Fuel Filter Cartridge - long Yamaha®

Price: AUD$41.60

200482 Clear bowl

Price: AUD$25.40

200486 Cast alloy head only

Price: AUD$28.90

200488 Cast stainless steel head only

Price: AUD$87.20

200490 Three Way Fuel Valve 1/4" ports

Price: AUD$37.10

200494 Fuel Vent Line Surge Protector

Price: AUD$22.70

200496 P-Trap Surge Protector, Black

Price: AUD$41.00

200502 Water Trap Fuel Breather, Black Cap

Price: AUD$20.50

200504 Water Trap Fuel Breather, White Cap

Price: AUD$20.50

200506 Attwood Fuel Breather, Black Polypropylene

Price: AUD$14.10

200508 Attwood Fuel Breather, White Polypropylene

Price: AUD$14.10

200514 Low Profile Nylon Fuel Breather

Price: AUD$6.80

200522 Fuel Vent - Chrome plated brass

Price: AUD$16.60

200524 Fuel vent - chrome plated zinc alloy

Price: AUD$10.90

200526 Fuel Vent Chromed Brass 90_ Bent Down

Price: AUD$19.10

200528 Fuel Vent Chromed Brass 90_ Bent Up

Price: AUD$19.40

200532 Fuel Vent - stainless steel

Price: AUD$27.70

200534 Breather 'P' Trap - Nylon

Price: AUD$14.20

200535 Fuel Vent S/S Recessed 90_

Price: AUD$31.10

200536 Fuel Vent S/S Recessed 90_

Price: AUD$44.20

200537 Fuel Vent S/S Recessed 90_

Price: AUD$42.00

200538 Inner Cup Washer s/s

Price: AUD$6.30

200539 Fuel Vent Stalon Recessed 90_

Price: AUD$20.20

200608 5HP Adjustable Outboard Bracket - Gal

Price: AUD$124.00

200610 9HP Adjustable Outboard Bracket - Gal

Price: AUD$151.00

200612 9HP Adjustable Outboard Bracket

Price: AUD$162.00

200616 Outboard Motor Bracket - Stainless Steel 10hp

Price: AUD$177.00

200618 Outboard Motor Bracket - Anodised Alloy 10hp

Price: AUD$293.00

200620 Outboard Rail Mount Bracket

Price: AUD$74.00

200622 Outboard Motor Protection Plate

Price: AUD$16.01

200624 Outboard Exterior Protection Plate 270 x 100 Plastic

Price: AUD$7.90

200626 Outboard Exterior Protection Plate 315 x 100 Alloy

Price: AUD$42.41

200628 Transom outboard protection pad

Price: AUD$23.40

200630 Outboard Motor Back Mounts

Price: AUD$35.30

200632 Outboard Motor Back Mounts - Yamaha

Price: AUD$35.30

200634 Dinghy Motor Backing Pad

Price: AUD$56.40

200640 Outboard Motor Protection Pad

Price: AUD$42.50

200644 Outboard motor lock 240mm

Price: AUD$57.60

200646 Outboard motor lock 315mm

Price: AUD$65.10

200650 20HP Motor Trolley

Price: AUD$93.90

200652 30HP Motor Trolley (Extra Bars)

Price: AUD$161.00

200664 Transom dinghy wheels

Price: AUD$169.00

200666 Dinghy Wheel Set - Short

Price: AUD$463.00

200670 Dinghy Wheel Set - Long

Price: AUD$463.00

200674 Transom Dinghy Wheel Set

Price: AUD$233.00

200680 Spare Wheel and Tyre - 260 x 85mm

Price: AUD$42.90

200686 Tinnie Mover

Price: AUD$145.00

200702 Outboard Flusher, Johnson Evinrude Early 6-40HP

Price: AUD$57.10

200706 Outboard Flusher, Small Merc Mariner Yamaha Suzuki

Price: AUD$51.80

200712 Outboard Flusher, Johnson Evinrude Later 6-7.5HP

Price: AUD$64.20

200720 Rectangular Outboard Flusher - Dual Inlet

Price: AUD$27.60

200722 Large Rectangular Outboard Flusher

Price: AUD$9.41

200723 Medium Oval Outboard Flusher

Price: AUD$9.80

200724 Small Round Outboard Flusher

Price: AUD$8.40

200736 Inboard Flusher

Price: AUD$77.61

200798 Hydrofoil to suit O/B up to 50HP

Price: AUD$29.70

200800 Hydrofoil to suit O/B over 25HP

Price: AUD$40.70

200808 SE 200 Sport Hydrofoil Black Small

Price: AUD$163.00

200810 SE 200 Sport Hydrofoil Grey Small

Price: AUD$163.00

200812 SE 300 Sport Hydrofoil Black

Price: AUD$163.00

200814 SE 300 Sport Hydrofoil Grey

Price: AUD$163.00

200816 SE 300 Sport Hydrofoil White

Price: AUD$163.00

200840 Drill-Free Sport Clip

Price: AUD$127.00

200860 StingRay™ Classic Senior Hydrofoil - Black

Price: AUD$147.00

200862 StingRay™ Classic Senior Hydrofoil - White

Price: AUD$147.00

200864 StingRay™ Classic Senior Hydrofoil - Grey

Price: AUD$147.00

200866 StingRay™ Stealth Senior Hydrofoil - Black

Price: AUD$277.00

200868 StingRay™ Stealth Senior Hydrofoil - White

Price: AUD$277.00

200870 StingRay™ Stealth Senior Hydrofoil - Grey

Price: AUD$277.00

200872 StingRay™ XRIII Senior Hydrofoil - Black

Price: AUD$347.00

200874 StingRay™ XRIII Senior Hydrofoil - White

Price: AUD$347.00

200876 StingRay™ XRIII Senior Hydrofoil - Grey

Price: AUD$347.00

200890 StingRay™ Classic Senior Hydrofoil - Black

Price: AUD$130.00

200892 StingRay™ Classic Junior Hydrofoil - White

Price: AUD$130.00

200894 StingRay™ Classic Junior Hydrofoil - Grey

Price: AUD$130.00

200896 StingRay™ XRIII Junior Hydrofoil - Black

Price: AUD$338.00

200898 StingRay™ XRIII Junior Hydrofoil - White

Price: AUD$338.00

200900 StingRay™ XRIII Junior Hydrofoil - Grey

Price: AUD$338.00

200910 Torque Equalisers Classic Senior & Junior

Price: AUD$54.51

200912 Torque Equalisers Classic Senior & Junior

Price: AUD$54.51

200916 Speed Cap Covers Classic

Price: AUD$27.10

200918 Speed Cap Covers Classic

Price: AUD$27.10

200920 Speed Cap Covers Classic

Price: AUD$27.10

200922 Speed Cap Covers XRIII

Price: AUD$27.10

200924 Speed Cap Covers XRIII

Price: AUD$27.10

200940 Replacement Hardware

Price: AUD$26.50

200942 Replacement Hardware

Price: AUD$26.50

200944 Replacement Hardware

Price: AUD$26.50

200946 Replacement Hardware

Price: AUD$26.50

201500 Champion J4C spark plug

Price: AUD$16.60

201504 Champion J6C spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201508 Champion J12YC spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201550 Champion L6VC spark plug

Price: AUD$32.10

201554 Champion L76V spark plug

Price: AUD$33.80

201558 Champion L77JC4 spark plug

Price: AUD$16.60

201562 Champion L78C spark plug

Price: AUD$16.60

201566 Champion L78V spark plug

Price: AUD$33.80

201568 Champion L78YC spark plug

Price: AUD$16.60

201569 Champion L78Y6C spark plug

Price: AUD$16.60

201570 Champion SL82C spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201574 Champion L82YC spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201578 Champion L86C spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201582 Champion L87YC spark plug

Price: AUD$19.10

201600 Champion P10Y spark plug

Price: AUD$18.00

201650 Champion QC12PEP spark plug

Price: AUD$100.00

201660 Champion QL16V spark plug

Price: AUD$55.61

201664 Champion QL76V spark plug

Price: AUD$44.30

201668 Champion QL77C spark plug

Price: AUD$46.90

201672 Champion QL77LC4 spark plug

Price: AUD$23.71

201676 Champion QL78C spark plug

Price: AUD$23.71

201680 Champion QL78YC spark plug

Price: AUD$35.00

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