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Hull, Deck & Cabin Hardware

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

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192186 Nylon Horn Cleat 167mm

Price: AUD$3.91

192188 Nylon Horn Cleat 205mm

Price: AUD$3.20

192190 Horn Cleat - Open S/S

Price: AUD$42.00

192192 Flush Horn Cleat 135mm

Price: AUD$112.00

192194 Flush Horn Cleat 175mm

Price: AUD$121.00

192196 Drainage Receptacle for 192192

Price: AUD$5.80

192198 Drainage Receptacle for 192194

Price: AUD$7.00

192200 Arched Horn Cleat

Price: AUD$44.90

192201 Slimline Horn Cleat 100mm

Price: AUD$7.70

192202 Slimline Horn Cleat 155mm

Price: AUD$16.80

192203 Slimline Horn Cleat 120mm

Price: AUD$10.51

192204 Slimline Horn Cleat 200mm

Price: AUD$26.20

192206 Slimline Horn Cleat 250mm

Price: AUD$41.70

192208 Slimline Horn Cleat 300mm

Price: AUD$61.11

192209 Mooring Cleat 100mm

Price: AUD$13.00

192210 Mooring Cleat 150mm

Price: AUD$26.70

192211 Mooring Cleat 120mm

Price: AUD$13.60

192212 Mooring Cleat 200mm

Price: AUD$42.60

192214 Mooring Cleat 250mm

Price: AUD$64.70

192218 Horn Cleat 240mm

Price: AUD$69.40

192220 Horn Cleat 300mm

Price: AUD$111.00

192223 Horn Cleat 150mm

Price: AUD$35.50

192225 Horn Cleat 200mm

Price: AUD$52.80

192233 Open Cleat 203mm

Price: AUD$57.81

192235 Open Cleat 250mm

Price: AUD$67.90

192237 Open Cleat 302mm

Price: AUD$86.41

192239 Open Cleat 350mm

Price: AUD$204.00

192242 Horn Cleat 150mm

Price: AUD$7.70

192243 Horn Cleat 200mm

Price: AUD$12.50

192244 Horn Cleat 250mm

Price: AUD$16.30

192250 Bull Horn Cleat 68mm

Price: AUD$3.10

192251 Bull Horn Cleat 114mm

Price: AUD$4.80

192257 Fairleads 120mm

Price: AUD$38.40

192258 Fairleads 155mm

Price: AUD$62.00

192260 Foldaway Cleats - Cast Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$72.60

192262 Foldaway Cleats - Cast Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$114.00

192266 X-Folding Cleats - Cast Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$103.00

192268 X-Folding Cleats - Cast Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$198.00

192276 Folding Pad Single Eye

Price: AUD$28.80

192278 Folding Pad Double eye

Price: AUD$45.50

192280 Gunwale Cap 64mm

Price: AUD$24.20

192282 Gunwale Cap 96mm

Price: AUD$36.10

192283 Gunwale Caps - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$22.70

192284 Gunwale Cap 96mm

Price: AUD$36.40

192285 Gunwale Caps - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$36.40

192286 Gunwale Corner Cap 70 x 70mm

Price: AUD$29.40

192288 Gunwale Corner Cap 96 x 96mm

Price: AUD$54.90

192289 Gunwale Caps - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$37.10

192290 Gunwale Corner Cap 90 x 90mm

Price: AUD$54.90

192291 Gunwale Caps - Stainless Steel

Price: AUD$52.10

192302 Raised Cap Deck Filler 38mm

Price: AUD$50.40

192304 Raised Cap Deck Filler 50mm

Price: AUD$55.20

192308 Deck Filler Diesel 38mm

Price: AUD$102.00

192309 Deck Filler Water 38mm

Price: AUD$102.00

192310 Deck Filler Fuel 38mm

Price: AUD$102.00

192311 Deck Filler Waste 38mm

Price: AUD$102.00

192312 Deck Filler Diesel 50mm

Price: AUD$129.00

192313 Deck Filler Water 50mm

Price: AUD$129.00

192314 Deck Filler Fuel 50mm

Price: AUD$129.00

192315 Deck Filler Waste 50mm

Price: AUD$129.00

192317 Deck Filler Water 38mm

Price: AUD$108.00

192318 Deck Filler Fuel 38mm

Price: AUD$108.00

192320 Deck Filler Diesel 50mm

Price: AUD$136.00

192322 Nylon Deck Filler Fuel 38mm

Price: AUD$11.40

192324 Nylon Deck Filler Water 38mm

Price: AUD$11.40

192326 Nylon Deck Filler Fuel 50mm

Price: AUD$12.00

192328 Nylon Deck Filler Water 50mm

Price: AUD$12.00

192330 S/S Deck Filler Diesel 38mm

Price: AUD$56.10

192332 S/S Deck Filler Water 38mm

Price: AUD$56.10

192334 S/S Deck Filler Fuel 38mm

Price: AUD$56.10

192335 S/S Deck Filler Waste 38mm

Price: AUD$56.10

192336 S/S Deck Filler Diesel 50mm

Price: AUD$82.20

192338 S/S Deck Filler Water 50mm

Price: AUD$82.20

192340 S/S Deck Filler Fuel 50mm

Price: AUD$82.20

192344 Vented Angled Deck Filler

Price: AUD$107.00

192345 Replacement cap to suit 192344

Price: AUD$32.20

192350 Deck Filler Diesel 38mm

Price: AUD$72.80

192351 Deck Filler Water 38mm

Price: AUD$72.80

192352 Deck Filler Fuel 38mm

Price: AUD$72.80

192353 Deck Filler Waste 38mm

Price: AUD$72.80

192354 Deck Filler Diesel 50mm

Price: AUD$78.90

192355 Deck Filler Water 50mm

Price: AUD$78.90

192356 Deck Filler Fuel 50mm

Price: AUD$78.90

192359 Deck Filler - Chrome Alloy

Price: AUD$43.20

192366 Vented Deck Filler - Stalon

Price: AUD$58.20

192368 Vented Deck Filler - Fuel

Price: AUD$131.00

192382 Recessed Fuel Fill Panel

Price: AUD$43.70

192388 Perko Deck Filler - Fuel

Price: AUD$164.00

192394 Perko Deck Filler - Water

Price: AUD$164.00

192402 Drain Plug-Cast Alloy

Price: AUD$29.00

192404 Replacement Alloy Bung & O Ring

Price: AUD$11.90

192406 Chrome Brass Drain Bung

Price: AUD$8.00

192408 Chrome Brass Replacement Bung

Price: AUD$3.20

192412 Economical Drain Bung

Price: AUD$2.60

192414 Economical Replacement Bung

Price: AUD$1.50

192415 Fine Thread Bung

Price: AUD$3.20

192422 Large Diameter Drain Plug White

Price: AUD$4.00

192430 White Replacement Bung

Price: AUD$2.00

192440 Large Diameter Brass Drain Plug

Price: AUD$27.50

192442 Large Diameter Drain Plug Black

Price: AUD$3.60

192444 Replacement Bung & Washer

Price: AUD$1.80

192450 Nylon Drain Bung

Price: AUD$12.80

192454 Replacement Bung & Washer

Price: AUD$9.90

192456 Nylon Drain Bung

Price: AUD$3.50

192462 Rubber Bung Size 3

Price: AUD$13.20

192463 Rubber Bung Size 4

Price: AUD$17.60

192464 Rubber Bung Size 5

Price: AUD$22.10

192466 Rubber Bung Size 6

Price: AUD$25.20

192468 Rubber Bung Size 7

Price: AUD$30.90

192470 Rubber Bung Size 8

Price: AUD$35.30

192472 Rubber Bung Size 9

Price: AUD$39.60

192476 Stalon Scupper - 38mm

Price: AUD$36.60

192479 Thru Hull Scupper White

Price: AUD$30.10

192480 Thru Hull Scupper Black

Price: AUD$30.10

192481 Thru Hull Scupper White

Price: AUD$30.10

192482 Hinged Scupper

Price: AUD$24.40

192486 Telescopic Scupper

Price: AUD$103.00

192488 Cast Alloy Scupper - Small

Price: AUD$70.40

192490 Cast Alloy Scupper - Large

Price: AUD$95.80

192498 Sea Scupper 113mm Dia

Price: AUD$79.50

192500 Slop Stopper Round

Price: AUD$2.10

192502 Slop Stopper Round

Price: AUD$3.00

192503 Slop Stopper Oval

Price: AUD$2.90

192504 Slop Stopper Oval

Price: AUD$4.50

192506 Motor Well Slop Stop (A)

Price: AUD$4.10

192508 Motor Well Boot

Price: AUD$13.81

192510 Vinyl Cable Boot Black

Price: AUD$15.70

192512 Vinyl Cable Boot White

Price: AUD$23.90

192516 Rigging Mount Flange - Black

Price: AUD$36.10

192517 Rigging Mount Flange - White

Price: AUD$36.10

192518 Rigging Mount Flange with Fuel Port Black

Price: AUD$36.40

192519 Rigging Mount Flange with Fuel Port White

Price: AUD$35.50

192520 Vinyl Cap

Price: AUD$9.10

192521 Rigging Hose Union Black

Price: AUD$30.80

192522 Rigging Hose Union White

Price: AUD$30.00

192524 Rigging Hose - Black 50mmx15m

Price: AUD$551.00

192525 Rigging Hose - White 50mmx15m

Price: AUD$551.00

192526 Rigging Hose - Black 50mmx7.5m

Price: AUD$429.00

192527 Rigging Hose - White 50mmx7.5m

Price: AUD$429.00

192530 Rigging Flange - Plastic

Price: AUD$11.80

192534 Slimeline Straight S/S Rod Holder

Price: AUD$46.20

192536 Slimeline Angled S/S Rod Holder

Price: AUD$45.50

192540 Side Mount (B)

Price: AUD$29.70

192542 Flush with Cap - S/S

Price: AUD$35.20

192543 Flush Rod Holder with Cap

Price: AUD$59.10

192544 Flush Mount S/S Rod Holder

Price: AUD$33.40

192545 Heavy Duty Rod Holder - with cap

Price: AUD$47.91

192547 Pedestal Mount (C)

Price: AUD$29.70

192549 Oval Flush Rod Holder with Cap

Price: AUD$57.90

192550 Pro Series Rod Holder (A)

Price: AUD$68.40

192551 Bi-Axis Mount

Price: AUD$35.30

192552 Rail Mount

Price: AUD$65.10

192555 Bait Caster Rod Holder

Price: AUD$22.00

192556 Side Mount (B)

Price: AUD$4.60

192557 Rail Mount Adaptor (D)

Price: AUD$3.40

192558 Flush Deck Mount (D)

Price: AUD$5.01

192559 Stalon Rod Holder

Price: AUD$22.00

192560 Flush Mount Angled White

Price: AUD$6.20

192562 Flush Mount Angled Black

Price: AUD$5.70

192566 Oval Flush Mount Rod Holder White

Price: AUD$5.80

192567 Oval Flush Mount Rod Holder Black

Price: AUD$5.90

192568 Oval Flush Mount Rod Holder with Cover White

Price: AUD$8.00

192569 Oval Flush Mount Rod Holder with Cover Black

Price: AUD$7.90

192571 Cap & Base Gasket White

Price: AUD$4.80

192573 Cap & Base Gasket Black

Price: AUD$4.20

192576 Slimline Angled Flush Mount White

Price: AUD$6.40

192578 Slimline Angled Flush Mount Black

Price: AUD$6.40

192580 Slimline Straight Flush Mount White

Price: AUD$6.40

192582 Slimline Straight Flush Mount Black

Price: AUD$6.40

192583 Slimline Flush Angled Rod Holder White

Price: AUD$5.90

192584 Slimline Flush Angled Rod Holder Black

Price: AUD$6.80

192585 Slimline Flush Rod Holder White

Price: AUD$6.30

192586 Slimline Flush Rod Holder Black

Price: AUD$5.30

192588 Flush Mount White

Price: AUD$7.30

192590 Flush Mount Black

Price: AUD$7.30

192592 Side Mount White

Price: AUD$6.40

192593 Side Mount Rod Holder White

Price: AUD$6.20

192594 Side Mount Black

Price: AUD$6.40

192595 Side Mount Rod Holder Black

Price: AUD$6.11

192596 Rod Cap Black

Price: AUD$9.50

192597 Rod Cap White

Price: AUD$9.50

192598 Rod Cap Suits 192590

Price: AUD$9.50

192599 Rod Cap Suits 192588

Price: AUD$9.50

192600 Rod Holder Vented

Price: AUD$71.30

192602 Rod Holder - S/S

Price: AUD$71.90

192604 Rod Holder -Gold Titanium

Price: AUD$90.00

192620 S/S Side Mount Rod Holder

Price: AUD$37.40

192624 Bull Bar Rod Holder

Price: AUD$78.10

192625 Horizontal Rod Holder

Price: AUD$43.80

192627 Three Rod Vertical Storage Holders

Price: AUD$18.50

192628 Horizontal 3 Rod Holder

Price: AUD$18.40

192630 Horizontal 5 Rod Holders

Price: AUD$20.50

192633 Five Rod Vertical Storage Holders

Price: AUD$20.50

192634 2 Rod & Knife Holder

Price: AUD$17.20

192636 3 Rod & Knife Holder

Price: AUD$27.80

192638 4 Rod & Knife Holder

Price: AUD$35.60

192640 6 Rod & Knife Holder

Price: AUD$48.70

192644 PVC Rod Rack - 4 Rod

Price: AUD$52.40

192646 PVC Rod Rack - 6 Rod

Price: AUD$49.70

192648 Single Side Mount Rod Holder

Price: AUD$12.40

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