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Hull, Deck & Cabin Hardware

We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



138812 Transom Scupper - Plastic

Price: AUD$17.80

138814 Scupper Valve - Flap

Price: AUD$7.21

138817 Cockpit scupper

Price: AUD$103.00

190994 Diver anode 3.6kg

Price: AUD$118.00

190996 Mini Diver Anode 1.05kg

Price: AUD$40.60

190998 Block Anode (A) 2.05kg

Price: AUD$88.61

191000 Block Anode (A) 0.8kg

Price: AUD$56.20

191002 Block Anode (A) 1.0kg

Price: AUD$58.60

191004 Block Anode (B) 2.0kg

Price: AUD$37.50

191006 Block Anode (B) 3.9kg

Price: AUD$98.20

191010 Plain Block Anode 0.9kg

Price: AUD$18.60

191012 Plain Block Anode 0.8kg

Price: AUD$14.50

191014 Plain Block Anode 1.5kg

Price: AUD$29.90

191016 Plain Block Anode 2.0kg

Price: AUD$38.50

191018 Plain Block Anode 2.2kg

Price: AUD$40.21

191020 Plain Block Anode 4.0kg

Price: AUD$77.10

191024 Block Anode with Strap 1.5kg

Price: AUD$35.20

191026 Block Anode with Strap 2.2kg

Price: AUD$47.20

191028 Block Anode with Strap 4.3kg

Price: AUD$87.20

191032 Oval Anode with Strap 3.1kg

Price: AUD$53.60

191040 Oval Anode (A) 3.1kg

Price: AUD$130.00

191041 Oval Anode (B) 1.5kg

Price: AUD$52.50

191042 Tear Drop Anode 0.3kg

Price: AUD$10.80

191044 Tear Drop Anode 1.0kg

Price: AUD$21.51

191046 Tear Drop Anode 1.65kg

Price: AUD$43.20

191048 Tear Drop Anode 0.18kg

Price: AUD$7.60

191050 Tear Drop Anode 0.48kg

Price: AUD$17.80

191060 Tear Drop Anode Inc Strap 1.1kg

Price: AUD$25.00

191062 Tear Drop Anode Inc Strap 2.2kg

Price: AUD$40.40

191064 Tear Drop Anode Inc Strap 2.6kg

Price: AUD$51.60

191070 Rudder Anode 0.09kg (Pair)

Price: AUD$6.40

191072 Rudder Anode 0.6kg (Pair)

Price: AUD$18.90

191074 Rudder Anode 1.0kg (Pair)

Price: AUD$28.70

191076 Rudder Anode 1.5kg (Pair)

Price: AUD$51.40

191082 Condenser Anode 0.4kg

Price: AUD$15.70

191084 Condenser Anode 0.85kg

Price: AUD$20.80

191092 Bertram® Type Hull Anode

Price: AUD$81.10

191096 Grouper Anode

Price: AUD$113.00

191128 Engine Pencil Anode & Plug 0.02kg

Price: AUD$7.21

191129 Replacement Anode for 191128

Price: AUD$2.40

191130 Engine Pencil Anode & Plug 0.04kg

Price: AUD$7.80

191131 Replacement Anode for 191130

Price: AUD$3.91

191134 Engine Pencil Anode & Plug 0.08kg

Price: AUD$14.30

191135 Replacement Anode for 191134

Price: AUD$5.10

191138 Engine Pencil Anode & Plug 0.13kg

Price: AUD$46.50

191142 Engine Pencil Anode & Plug 0.2kg

Price: AUD$49.80

191143 Replacement Anode for 191142

Price: AUD$9.60

191150 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$11.61

191151 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$21.00

191152 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$17.20

191154 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$7.50

191156 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$6.90

191158 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$29.30

191160 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$14.10

191162 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$15.30

191164 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$15.30

191166 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$6.60

191168 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$20.50

191170 Engine Pencil Anode

Price: AUD$8.10

191172 Prop Shaft Anode 3/4"

Price: AUD$16.90

191174 Prop Shaft Anode 7/8"

Price: AUD$17.50

191176 Prop Shaft Anode 1"

Price: AUD$18.70

191178 Prop Shaft Anode 11/8"

Price: AUD$22.40

191180 Prop Shaft Anode 11/4"

Price: AUD$22.40

191181 Prop Shaft Anode 13/8"

Price: AUD$27.10

191182 Prop Shaft Anode 11/2"

Price: AUD$27.10

191184 Prop Shaft Anode 13/4"

Price: AUD$46.30

191186 Prop Shaft Anode 2"

Price: AUD$53.90

191188 Prop Shaft Anode 21/4"

Price: AUD$102.00

191190 Prop Shaft Anode 21/2"

Price: AUD$102.00

191192 Prop Shaft Anode 23/4"

Price: AUD$131.00

191194 Prop Shaft Anode 3"

Price: AUD$121.00

191195 Propeller Shaft Anode 3/4"

Price: AUD$19.40

191196 Propeller Shaft Anodes 1"

Price: AUD$23.90

191197 Propeller Shaft Anodes 11/8"

Price: AUD$26.80

191198 Propeller Shaft Anodes 11/4"

Price: AUD$26.80

191199 Propeller Shaft Anodes 11/2"

Price: AUD$32.51

191200 Propeller Shaft Anodes 13/4"

Price: AUD$45.90

191201 Propeller Shaft Anodes 2"

Price: AUD$45.90

191210 Mercury® Type Trim Tab Anode

Price: AUD$25.20

191212 Mercury® & Honda® Type Trim Tab Anode

Price: AUD$20.60

191214 Mercury® Type Trim Tab Anode

Price: AUD$18.70

191216 Mercury® Type Trim Tab Anode

Price: AUD$37.00

191217 Mercury® Type Trim Tab Anode

Price: AUD$18.70

191218 Mercury® Type Plate Anode

Price: AUD$15.60

191222 Mercury® Type Nut Anode

Price: AUD$5.90

191224 Mercury® Type Plate Anode

Price: AUD$11.20

191225 Mercury® Type Block Anode

Price: AUD$45.80

191226 Mercury® Type Waffle Plate Anode

Price: AUD$35.81

191228 Mercury® Type Bar Anode

Price: AUD$25.10

191230 Bearing Carrier Anode

Price: AUD$28.80

191232 Bearing Carrier Anode

Price: AUD$34.20

191233 Anode Kit - Alpha 1

Price: AUD$151.00

191234 Mercury® Type Lift Ram Anode

Price: AUD$6.60

191235 Mercury® Type Lift Ram Anode

Price: AUD$12.90

191236 Anode Kit - Bravo 1

Price: AUD$117.00

191237 Anode Kit - Bravo 2&3

Price: AUD$101.00

191238 Plate Anode

Price: AUD$30.80

191239 Plate Anode

Price: AUD$34.00

191241 Small Outboard Anode

Price: AUD$11.90

191242 Small Outboard Anode

Price: AUD$9.41

191243 Block Anode

Price: AUD$27.01

191244 Cube Anode

Price: AUD$14.50

191245 Curved Block Anode

Price: AUD$14.40

191246 Transom Bar Anode

Price: AUD$19.00

191247 Bar Anode

Price: AUD$36.00

191248 Medium Outboard Anode

Price: AUD$32.30

191249 Horseshoe Anode

Price: AUD$33.50

191250 Horseshoe Anode

Price: AUD$46.20

191252 Horseshoe Anode

Price: AUD$31.00

191254 Evinrude/Johnson and Cobra Type Waffle Anode

Price: AUD$32.60

191256 Sterndrive Anode

Price: AUD$45.40

191262 Drive Leg Anode

Price: AUD$33.40

191264 Drive Leg Anode

Price: AUD$36.60

191266 Drive Leg Anode

Price: AUD$31.80

191267 Drive Leg Anode

Price: AUD$10.70

191268 Drive Leg Anode

Price: AUD$13.81

191270 Sail Drive Anode

Price: AUD$42.20

191272 Bar Anode

Price: AUD$35.50

191274 Bar Anode

Price: AUD$33.40

191280 Gimbal Plate Anode

Price: AUD$45.50

191284 Transom Plate Anode

Price: AUD$58.00

191290 Triangle Plate Anode

Price: AUD$9.20

191302 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$23.71

191304 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$57.40

191306 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$90.81

191308 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$28.50

191310 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$41.00

191320 Trim Tab

Price: AUD$31.60

191338 Handle Bar Anode

Price: AUD$38.01

191340 Waffle Bar Anode

Price: AUD$23.40

191346 Block Anode

Price: AUD$13.81

191348 Block Anode

Price: AUD$8.10

191350 Button Anode

Price: AUD$2.90

191360 Suzuki® Type Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$18.90

191362 Suzuki® Type Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$14.10

191370 Suzuki® Type Block Anode (55320-95310)

Price: AUD$13.60

191378 Suzuki® Type Waffle Bar Anode

Price: AUD$28.70

191380 Skeg Anode

Price: AUD$26.30

191400 Waffle Bar Anode

Price: AUD$21.30

191402 Waffle Bar Anode

Price: AUD$60.80

191408 Wedge Anode

Price: AUD$16.40

191440 Yanmar® Type Saildrive Ring Anode 0.52kg

Price: AUD$58.50

191450 Propeller Nut Anode - 3/4"

Price: AUD$25.30

191452 Propeller Nut Anode - 7/8"

Price: AUD$59.30

191454 Propeller Nut Anode - 1"

Price: AUD$81.60

191458 Propeller Nut Anode - 1 1/4"

Price: AUD$107.00

191462 Propeller Nut Anode - 1 3/8"

Price: AUD$123.00

191466 Propeller Nut Anode - 1 1/2"

Price: AUD$150.00

191468 Propeller Nut Anode - 1 3/4"

Price: AUD$173.00

191470 Propeller Nut Anode - 2"

Price: AUD$212.00

191478 Replacement Anode only - 3/4"

Price: AUD$7.50

191480 Replacement Anode only - 7/8"

Price: AUD$16.10

191482 Replacement Anode only - 1"

Price: AUD$29.30

191484 Replacement Anode only - 11/4"

Price: AUD$39.20

191486 Replacement Anode only - 13/8"

Price: AUD$44.70

191488 Replacement Anode only - 1 1/2"

Price: AUD$52.80

191490 Replacement Anode only - 1 3/4"

Price: AUD$79.50

191492 Replacement Anode only - 2"

Price: AUD$89.00

192052 Bow Roller Chrome Brass

Price: AUD$104.01

192060 Bow Roller Small (A)

Price: AUD$109.00

192064 Bow Roller Large (B)

Price: AUD$264.00

192086 S/S Bow Roller with Pin - Small (A)

Price: AUD$82.70

192088 S/S Bow Roller with Pin - Large (B)

Price: AUD$88.70

192094 Hinged Bow Roller 327mm (A)

Price: AUD$147.00

192096 Hinged Bow Roller 355mm (B)

Price: AUD$164.00

192100 Bow Roller 390mm

Price: AUD$127.00

192102 Bow roller 458mm

Price: AUD$331.00

192104 Bow roller 505mm

Price: AUD$322.00

192106 Bow roller 589mm

Price: AUD$360.00

192114 Split Bollard Small

Price: AUD$76.80

192116 Split Bollard Small & Pin

Price: AUD$88.80

192118 Split Bollard Large & Pin

Price: AUD$135.00

192122 Raked Cross Bollard Small

Price: AUD$40.00

192124 Raked Cross Bollard Large

Price: AUD$132.00

192132 Cross Bollard 88mm

Price: AUD$66.20

192134 Cross Bollard 102mm

Price: AUD$266.00

192136 Cross Bollard 123mm

Price: AUD$215.00

192138 Cross Bollard 130mm

Price: AUD$388.00

192140 Cross Bollard 154mm

Price: AUD$589.00

192144 Cross Bollard Alloy - 83mm

Price: AUD$20.60

192145 Cross Bollard Alloy - 103mm

Price: AUD$26.70

192146 Horn Bollard

Price: AUD$223.00

192148 Oval Hawse Hole Small

Price: AUD$59.80

192149 Oval Hawse Hole Large

Price: AUD$67.80

192158 Triangular Hawse Hole

Price: AUD$141.00

192160 Oval Hawse Pipe

Price: AUD$71.20

192164 Oval Cleat 204mm

Price: AUD$66.61

192166 Oval Cleat 265mm

Price: AUD$93.30

192168 Oval Cleat 310mm

Price: AUD$120.00

192169 Dropdown Flat Cleat - 110mm

Price: AUD$94.30

192170 Pop-out Cleat 140mm

Price: AUD$111.00

192171 Pop-out Cleat 165 mm

Price: AUD$150.00

192172 Dropdown Flat Cleat - 152mm

Price: AUD$124.00

192173 Pop-out Cleat - 200mm

Price: AUD$240.00

192174 Dropdown Flat Cleat - 207mm

Price: AUD$285.00

192176 Drain Manifold to suit 192171

Price: AUD$8.31

192180 Nylon Horn Cleat 78mm

Price: AUD$1.20

192182 Nylon Horn Cleat 100mm

Price: AUD$1.50

192184 Nylon Horn Cleat 130mm

Price: AUD$2.50

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