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We offer a simple way to buy BLA parts.


Option 1. Open the BLA paper catalogue at left.    Press ESC to return to Marine Direct.  Find a BLA part number and enter it into the Marine Direct search box.  Select the search result.

Option 2.  Scroll Down this page looking at the product images.  There may be several web pages... Look for Next Page at the bottom.

Its quick and easy to order on line.



133402 Galley Foot Pump Diaphragm/Valve Kit

Price: AUD$10.70

133420 V Pump Mk6 Pump Service Kit

Price: AUD$22.90

133430 Flipper Mk4 Pump Service Kit

Price: AUD$50.30

133440 Baby Foot Pump Mk2 Service Kit

Price: AUD$48.10

133446 Gusher Galley Mk3 Pump Service Kit

Price: AUD$51.80

133450 Tiptoe Mk4 Pump Service Kit

Price: AUD$34.90

133471 Mk2 Pressure Switch

Price: AUD$84.80

133804 Aquasource Clear Disposable Filter

Price: AUD$84.80

133820 Surge Damper

Price: AUD$71.10

133850 Non-Return Valve

Price: AUD$9.10

134004 Tuckaway Faucet - White

Price: AUD$53.60

134006 Telescopic Faucet - White

Price: AUD$35.10

134008 Telescopic Faucet - White

Price: AUD$50.70

134018 Telescopic Faucet with On-Off Valve - Black

Price: AUD$18.80

134100 Elegance Single Faucet Tap

Price: AUD$99.90

134102 Elegance Mixer Short Faucet

Price: AUD$135.00

134104 Elegance Mixer Long Faucet

Price: AUD$135.00

134106 Elegance Single Faucet Shower

Price: AUD$180.00

134108 Elegance Mixer Faucet Shower

Price: AUD$209.00

134110 Single Swim-N-Rinse

Price: AUD$138.00

134111 Single Swim-N-Rinse

Price: AUD$233.00

134112 Mixer Swim-N-Rinse

Price: AUD$226.00

134113 Mixer Swim-N-Rinse

Price: AUD$271.00

134115 Compact Shower

Price: AUD$168.00

134125 Elegance Single Tap Control

Price: AUD$71.20

134127 Elegance Mixer Tap Control

Price: AUD$100.00

134160 Whale Twist Hand Shower Angled Housing - Cold

Price: AUD$282.00

134162 Whale Twist Hand Shower Straight Housing - Mixer

Price: AUD$308.00

134164 Whale Twist Hand Shower Angled Housing - Mixer

Price: AUD$308.00

134238 Short swivel faucet

Price: AUD$221.00

134239 Long swivel faucet

Price: AUD$221.00

134240 Combo tap/shower

Price: AUD$364.00

134248 Fixed faucet

Price: AUD$83.60

134260 Fixed faucet

Price: AUD$91.20

134262 Short swivel faucet

Price: AUD$76.00

134264 Long swivel faucet

Price: AUD$73.40

134266 Combo tap/shower

Price: AUD$118.00

134270 Shower mixer

Price: AUD$87.30

134274 Short fixed faucet

Price: AUD$59.80

134276 Tall fixed faucet

Price: AUD$65.00

134278 Short swivel faucet

Price: AUD$73.30

134280 Long swivel faucet

Price: AUD$70.70

134282 Combo tap/shower

Price: AUD$116.00

134286 Shower mixer

Price: AUD$92.50

134290 Bermuda Mixer Tap

Price: AUD$48.60

134302 Mixer Faucet Mini Tap

Price: AUD$79.90

134304 Single Faucet Mini Tap

Price: AUD$62.00

134306 Shower Mixer Mini Taps

Price: AUD$109.00

134314 Hand Shower & Hose Including Wall Mount

Price: AUD$107.00

134318 Handset

Price: AUD$164.00

134319 Mixer tap

Price: AUD$260.00

134324 Shower Handset

Price: AUD$72.90

134325 Chromed shower handset

Price: AUD$12.20

134326 Reinforced chrome spiral hose

Price: AUD$31.50

134328 White Shower Hose

Price: AUD$49.70

134342 Ball & socket hand shower bracket

Price: AUD$6.20

134344 Fixed hand shower bracket

Price: AUD$3.10

134346 Pivotting hand shower bracket

Price: AUD$7.90

134352 Stowaway Cold Water Shower

Price: AUD$276.00

134370 Whale Shower Wastes

Price: AUD$27.30

134372 Whale Shower Wastes

Price: AUD$51.90

134382 Whale Shower Wastes

Price: AUD$113.00

134384 Whale Shower Wastes

Price: AUD$201.00

134412 22 Litre Solar Shower

Price: AUD$22.00

134602 Tap Service Kit-Elegance

Price: AUD$40.70

134603 Tap Knob,Stem Red & Blue Rings

Price: AUD$29.21

134604 Replacement hose 3/8" BSP plastice ends 1.7m

Price: AUD$42.00

134605 Replacement hose 3/8" BSP plastic ends 2.1m

Price: AUD$59.50

134606 Replacement handset 3/8" BSP

Price: AUD$73.60

134607 Replacement hose _" & 3/8" BSP metal ends 1.7m

Price: AUD$56.71

134608 Replacement hose 1/2” and 3/8” BSP metal ends 2.1m

Price: AUD$61.60

134609 Replacement handset 1/2” BSP

Price: AUD$90.81

135002 S/S Sink

Price: AUD$229.00

135006 S/S Sink

Price: AUD$245.00

135018 Double Bowl S/S Sink

Price: AUD$638.00

135020 305mm Internal Square Sink

Price: AUD$219.00

135026 Round S/S Sink

Price: AUD$167.00

135028 Round S/S Sink

Price: AUD$184.00

135034 330mm Oval Plastic Sink

Price: AUD$94.70

135202 25mm Sink Plug

Price: AUD$1.80

135210 Straight Sink Waste

Price: AUD$5.90

135211 90_ Sink Waste to suit 19mm Hose

Price: AUD$8.70

135212 Straight Sink Waste

Price: AUD$8.90

135214 90_ Sink Waste to suit 25mm Hose

Price: AUD$20.70

135304 Water Holding Tank 60L

Price: AUD$220.00

135640 Brass Hose Tail Set

Price: AUD$67.20

135692 Isotemp Slim Heater 20 Litre

Price: AUD$1,619.00

135696 Isotemp Slim Heater 25 Litre

Price: AUD$1,694.00

135700 Isotemp Basic Heater 24 Litre

Price: AUD$1,686.00

135702 Isotemp Basic Heater 40 Litre

Price: AUD$1,790.00

135704 Isotemp Basic Heater- 50 Litre

Price: AUD$2,213.00

135706 Isotemp Basic Heater- 75 Litre

Price: AUD$2,581.00

135722 Immersion Heater Element 110 Volts

Price: AUD$95.90

135728 Pressure Relief Valve

Price: AUD$241.00

135730 Brass T Piece _\ BSP"""

Price: AUD$6.80

136004 Clear PVC Hose 6mm

Price: AUD$37.70

136006 Clear PVC Hose 8mm

Price: AUD$40.80

136008 Clear PVC Hose 10mm

Price: AUD$48.70

136010 Clear PVC Hose 12mm

Price: AUD$70.50

136016 Clear PVC Hose 20mm

Price: AUD$131.00

136018 Clear PVC Hose 25mm

Price: AUD$199.00

136019 Shields Multiflex Hose - 19mm - Per Meter

Price: AUD$8.90

136020 Shields Multiflex Hose - 19mm

Price: AUD$238.00

136022 Shields Multiflex Hose - 25mm

Price: AUD$306.00

136024 Shields Multiflex Hose - 28mm

Price: AUD$311.00

136026 Shields Multiflex Hose - 32mm

Price: AUD$340.00

136028 Shields Multiflex Hose - 38mm

Price: AUD$362.00

136030 Spiralflex Hose - 19mm

Price: AUD$151.00

136031 Spiralflex Hose - 25mm

Price: AUD$193.00

136032 Spiralflex Hose - 28mm

Price: AUD$209.00

136033 Spiralflex Hose - 32mm

Price: AUD$252.00

136034 Spiralflex Hose - 38mm

Price: AUD$319.00

136052 Spigoted Bilge Pump Hose - 19mm

Price: AUD$52.00

136054 Spigoted Bilge Pump Hose - 28mm

Price: AUD$73.70

136056 Spigoted Bilge Pump Hose - 32mm

Price: AUD$93.30

136060 Exhaust hose 38mm x 15m

Price: AUD$634.00

136062 Exhaust hose 51mm x 15m

Price: AUD$843.00

136072 Reinforced Hose 6mm

Price: AUD$63.10

136074 Reinforced Hose 8mm

Price: AUD$73.60

136076 Reinforced Hose 10mm

Price: AUD$75.00

136078 Reinforced Hose 13mm

Price: AUD$88.40

136080 Reinforced Hose 16mm

Price: AUD$145.00

136082 Reinforced Hose 19mm

Price: AUD$178.00

136084 Reinforced Hose 25mm

Price: AUD$267.00

136088 Reinforced Hose 32mm

Price: AUD$365.00

136092 Reinforced Hose 38mm

Price: AUD$541.00

136096 Reinforced Hose 50mm

Price: AUD$886.00

136126 Shields VAC Sanitation Hose - 19mm

Price: AUD$259.00

136128 Shields VAC Sanitation Hose - 25mm

Price: AUD$298.00

136136 Shields VAC Sanitation Hose - 38mm

Price: AUD$465.00

136142 Odour Free Sanitation Hose 19mm

Price: AUD$232.00

136144 Odour Free Sanitation Hose 25mm

Price: AUD$366.00

136146 Odour Free Sanitation Hose 38mm

Price: AUD$503.00

136308 Grey Fuel Hose 8mm x 33m

Price: AUD$183.00

136310 Grey Fuel Hose 10mm x 33m

Price: AUD$276.00

136412 Hose Clamp 5.5 ~ 16mm

Price: AUD$2.30

136414 Hose Clamp 11 ~ 20mm

Price: AUD$2.30

136416 Hose Clamp 13 ~ 23mm

Price: AUD$2.40

136418 Hose Clamp 14 ~ 27mm

Price: AUD$4.20

136420 Hose Clamp 17 ~ 32mm

Price: AUD$4.30

136422 Hose Clamp 21 ~ 38mm

Price: AUD$4.80

136424 Hose Clamp 21 ~ 44mm

Price: AUD$4.50

136426 Hose Clamp 27 ~ 51mm

Price: AUD$4.60

136428 Hose Clamp 33 ~57mm

Price: AUD$4.60

136430 Hose Clamp 40 ~ 64mm

Price: AUD$5.20

136432 Hose Clamp 46 ~ 70mm

Price: AUD$5.30

136434 Hose Clamp 52 ~ 76mm

Price: AUD$5.80

136436 Hose Clamp 65 ~ 89mm

Price: AUD$6.11

136437 Hose Clamp 84 ~ 108mm

Price: AUD$7.30

136438 Hose Clamp 48 ~ 127mm

Price: AUD$7.90

136439 Hose Clamp 130 ~ 150mm

Price: AUD$12.40

136440 Hose Clamp 155 ~ 178mm

Price: AUD$9.70

136518 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 48-51mm

Price: AUD$14.70

136520 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 52-55mm

Price: AUD$15.30

136522 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 56-59mm

Price: AUD$15.50

136524 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 60-63mm

Price: AUD$15.30

136525 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 62-65mm

Price: AUD$16.10

136529 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 71-76mm

Price: AUD$21.20

136535 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 89-94mm

Price: AUD$22.00

136539 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 101-107mm

Price: AUD$23.20

136542 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 113-121mm

Price: AUD$24.00

136547 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 140-148mm

Price: AUD$28.20

136550 Hose Clamps - T Bolt - 162-174mm

Price: AUD$34.20

136602 Quick Connect Blue 15mm x 10m

Price: AUD$42.00

136604 Quick Connect Red 15mm x 10m

Price: AUD$42.00

136605 Quick Connect Green 15mm x 10m

Price: AUD$29.00

136606 Quick Connect Blue 15mm x 50m

Price: AUD$145.00

136608 Quick Connect Red 15mm x 50m

Price: AUD$145.00

136610 Quick Connect Green 15mm x 50m

Price: AUD$145.00

136620 Quick Connect Straight

Price: AUD$5.60

136622 Quick Connect Elbow

Price: AUD$5.70

136624 Quick Connect T

Price: AUD$7.50

136625 Quick Connect Stem T

Price: AUD$9.41

136626 Quick Connect End Plug

Price: AUD$7.00

136628 Quick Connect End Stop

Price: AUD$5.40

136634 Plastic 3/8BSP Adaptor to Suit System 15

Price: AUD$9.90

136635 Brass 3/8BSP Adaptor to Suit System 15

Price: AUD$27.60

136638 Quick Connect 11-15mm Adaptor

Price: AUD$5.10

136640 Quick Connect Stem Elbow

Price: AUD$5.20

136641 Quick Connect Elbow Adaptor

Price: AUD$28.20

136642 Quick Connect Hose Tail

Price: AUD$16.10

136644 Quick Connect to _" BSP Plastic White

Price: AUD$4.70

136645 Quick Connect to _" BSP Brass

Price: AUD$40.50

136646 Quick Connect to ¾" BSP Plastic White

Price: AUD$8.50

136647 Quick Connect to 3/8\ BSP (A)"""

Price: AUD$6.11

136648 Quick Connect to ½" BSP (A)

Price: AUD$5.80

136649 Quick Connect to ½" BSP (B)

Price: AUD$25.10

136650 Quick Connect to ¾" BSP (C)

Price: AUD$20.80

136651 Quick Connect Tail

Price: AUD$18.80

136653 _" BSP tail

Price: AUD$2.10

136654 Non Return Valve

Price: AUD$14.20

136655 Hose Tail System 15-19mm Barb

Price: AUD$5.40

136656 Hose Tail System 15-16mm Barb

Price: AUD$4.50

136657 Hose Tail System 15-13mm Barb

Price: AUD$2.50

136658 Quick Connect Ball Valve

Price: AUD$36.00

136659 Three Way Ball Valve with Quick Connect Adaptors

Price: AUD$39.30

136660 Hose Tail Elbow System 15-13mm Barb

Price: AUD$11.30

136661 Hose Tail Elbow System 15-19mm Barb

Price: AUD$11.40

136662 Quick Connect Tank Fitting

Price: AUD$13.40

136663 Quick Connect Heater Hose

Price: AUD$26.20

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